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Transport 20-03-2015

‘Intelligent’ technologies open new avenues for European transport

Connected vehicles filled with communication technologies offer an unprecedented opportunity to achieve the European Union's dream of an integrated multi-modal transport system, according to EU policymakers and industry experts.
Transport 15-10-2014

Logistics sector sings ‘cut red tape’ tune in Parliament

The logistics sector will lag behind if the EU does not regulate smarter, warned the Alliance for European Logistics (AEL) at a conference with legislators in the European Parliament transport committee last week.
Transport 17-06-2011

EU countries put brakes on transport emissions goal

A proposed objective to cut the EU's transport emissions by 60% by 2050 was considered "too ambitious" by a majority of the bloc's transport ministers, who stressed that the goal should remain aspirational.
Transport 29-03-2011

Transport to remain big polluter under new EU plan

Europe's transport chief called for a shift away from fossil fuels on Monday (28 March) to cut greenhouse gas emissions and protect the economy from oil price spikes, but critics said his strategy lacked meaningful action.
Transport 12-10-2009

Ministers debate future EU transport funding

EU transport ministers agree on the future challenges identified by the European Commission, but stress the need to take into account the impact of the current economic crisis on the sector and make passengers pay more for using infrastructure. 
Transport 09-05-2007

More money needed for EU transport infrastructure

Financial inaction on transport infrastructure is a major failing of EU transport policy and could put economic growth in the Union at risk, states a report backed on 8 May by the Parliament's Transport Committee.
Transport 11-10-2006

Transport policy looks set for U-turn

Despite the 2001 Transport White Paper’s aim to curb demand for road transport, only green groups appear to believe that this is still a worthy aim.
Transport 14-07-2006

Commission looks to boost short-sea-shipping

Short-Sea-Shipping remains a key area for dealing with Europe’s traffic congestion and environmental problems. 
Transport 23-06-2006

Commission attempts to balance transport and environmental needs

The Commission's updated Europe’s transport policy seeks to improve citizens’ mobility and boost competitiveness, while keeping down energy consumption and reducing the negative impacts on the environment.
Transport 24-05-2006

Green campaigners warn about transport policy U-turn

The new EU transport policy risks undermining other commitments made on public health protection, energy and climate change, a group of environmental NGOs has warned.
Transport 07-03-2006

Road lobby calls for more investment ahead of EU transport policy review

As much as 20% of Europe's GDP is supported by road transport, according to a new study by the European Union Road Federation which rejects the Commission's 2001 idea of operating a 'modal shift' to rail.
Transport 14-11-2005

EU transport policy: has it delivered?

Experts at an evening debate organised by Friends of Europe discussed whether EU transport policy has really improved the transport sector.
Transport 03-11-2005

EU reconsiders transport policy

High oil prices are only one new aspect in the debate over Europe's future transport policy. Current weak economic growth will feature high in the review of the 2001 White Paper on transport which has just started.
Transport 30-09-2005

Parliament in push to further liberalise EU railways

International passenger routes could be opened up to competition as early as 2008 and national ones as of 2012, if Parliament gets its way against a group of reluctant countries led by France.
Transport 13-07-2005

Ari Vatanen slams “utopian” EU transport policy

The Finn rally driver and MEP has launched a methodical attack on EU plans to promote alternatives to road transport for being too costly, inefficient and disconnected from reality.

Roads to climate-friendly transport are many

European policy-makers discussed almost every possible way to encourage cleaner transport in the EU at a round-table debate organised in the context of the Commission's annual Green Week event.

EU losing its credibility on transport policy, warns MEP

Europe's grand project to make transport sustainable in the long run is simply being abandoned, warns the Parliament's transport committee vice-president Gilles Savary in an interview with EURACTIV.
Transport 13-02-2003

White Paper on transport: EP calls for major changes

On 12 February 2003, the Parliament adopted a report by Juan de Dios Izquierdo Collado (PES,E) calling for significant changes to the Commission's 2001 White Paper.
Transport 03-12-2002

Parliament demands major changes in Transport White Paper

On 28 November, the EP's Transport Committee adopted its report on the Commission's White Paper on Transport Policy. It calls on the Commission to reconsider substantial parts of the document.
EU Priorities 2020 10-04-2002

US government welcomes the Commission’s White Paper on governance

On the 5 April, following the end of the consultation process on the Commission's White paper on Governance, the United States mission to the European Union issued a position paper summarising the position of its government
Digital & Media 27-03-2002

Transport Council adopts Galileo programme and hush kits Directive

During its meeting on 26 March the Transport Council adopted the Galileo satellite navigation programme, a Directive on noise pollution in airports and a common position on the gas emission controls of motorcycles.
Transport 01-10-2001

Transport White Paper too optimistic about impact of road pricing?

The White Paper on Transport is facing a wave of criticism from industry federations and NGO's over pricing and sustainability. The European employers' association UNICE believes that a disproportionate part of the White Paper is dealing with the influence of price on transport. The European Federation for Transport and Environment finds that the White Paper fails to fully address demands for sustainability.
Agrifood 01-08-2000

Comments to Food Safety White Paper published

The European Commission published comments by more than 100 interested parties to its White Paper on Food Safety.