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Technology 14-01-2022

German kick-off for digital transition on hold

Germany's digital transition is delayed as ministries still have not determined where different competencies will lie, despite it, along with climate change, being one of the key focus areas of the new government's coalition agreement.
Health 13-04-2017

NGOs urge rapid relocation of EU drug agency

Patient organisations warned the European Council yesterday (12 April) to be “vigilant” in the relocation of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), as well as avoid unnecessary delays that may cause disruptions in healthcare.
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Climate change 02-12-2015

Climate talks should fight global warming and boost growth with incentives

Ahead of the climate summit in Paris, EPP Group MEPs Krisjanis Karins of the Industry Committee and Peter Liese of the Environment Committee say it is possible to reach an effective agreement to stop global warming by using incentives to encourage citizens and businesses to become more energy-efficient.
Transport 16-06-2015

Gabriel: Germany has ‘catching up to do’ in e-car sector

Germany ranked near the middle in an international comparison of markets for electric vehicles, demonstrating there is room for improvement, the government said. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Energy 01-04-2015

Germany’s CO2 emissions decrease for the first time in 3 years

Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks spoke of a trend reversal, as overall greenhouse gas emissions were observed decreasing again for the first time in 3 years. But in the agriculture and transport sectors, the trend is quite the opposite. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Transport 30-03-2015

From world leader to decline: The Belgian railway policy is derailing

This is a story for all those that need public transport to reach their workplace (and home, afterwards) in Brussels, and regularly get frustrated because of delays and strikes, write Michael Cramer, Bart Staes, and Philippe Lamberts.
Taxis line up at an event in Berlin. 2011 [Taxi Berlin/Flickr]

Uber taxi app banned in Germany following court ruling

Smartphone apps for taxi services provided by the American company Uber are now banned in Germany, following a district court ruling in Frankfurt that has traditional cab drivers celebrating. EURACTIV Germany reports.
German autobahn highway near Frankfurt am Main. 2012 [Spiegelneuronen/Flickr]
Transport 04-07-2014

Merkel could postpone German tolling scheme

Alexander Dobrindt had hoped to table his plan for a German toll on foreign car drivers before the parliament's summer break, but according to media reports German Chancellor Angela Merkel has put on the breaks, saying the project first needs a green light from Brussels. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Trade & Society 20-05-2014

GE-Alstom merger: More Honeywell than Honeymoon?

General Electric’s bid to merge with Alstom is history repeating itself. And if GE does not engage in proper EU lobbying work this time, failure will be its destiny again, writes Andreas Geiger.

Climate change means bumpier air travel, scientists say

Turbulence on transatlantic flights will become more frequent and severe by 2050 as carbon dioxide emissions rise, leading to longer journey times and increased fuel consumption, British scientists say in a new study.