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Future EU 22-06-2022

Without qualified majority voting EU enlargement has no future

Many believe introducing qualified majority would require an arduous treaty change, but this is not true. If qualified majority is not introduced in the EU enlargement decision-making, the whole process will die, write Srdjan Cvijic and Zoran Nechev.
Euro & Finance 27-07-2015

Change EU treaty so countries can leave the eurozone

Altering the eurozone treaty to allow states to leave or be expelled will help guarantee the future stability of the EMU, argues Thomas Schuster.
Brexit 13-12-2011

Britain and the European Union: Continuity or Rupture?

With UK and EU relations at a crossroads, David Cameron's veto seemed as an almost inevitable step to an already troubled relationship, argue Michael J. Geary from Maastricht University and Kevin A. Lees from Latham and Watkins LLP in Washington. The only hope now is that this veto will prevent the triggering of a possible referendum on the UK's membership.
Future EU 06-12-2011

Parliament’s duty is to fight for economic democracy

The necessity to extend the EU competence in the field of fiscal policy is crucial and it lies in the hands of the European Parliament to address it since the EU lacks credible leadership at the moment, says British Liberal MEP Andrew Duff.
Future EU 28-10-2010

From Lisbon to Deauville: Practicalities of the Lisbon Treaty revision(s)

The Deauville Declaration of Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy is the most visible of the five possible treaty changes since the Lisbon Treaty came into effect – and it would close a significant loophole in the euro zone, write Piotr Maciej Kaczy?ski and Peadar ó Broin, research fellows at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).
Future EU 28-10-2010

How to change the EU Treaties: an overview of revision procedures under the Lisbon Treaty

Various procedures already exist for pursuing changes to the Lisbon Treaty, writes Peadar ó Broin, an associate research fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).