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Economy & Jobs 15-10-2020

Divisions over economic criteria in cohesion policy negotiations

Negotiations on cohesion policy between the European Parliament, Commission and Council will take place on Thursday (15 October), focusing on how strictly the flow of money is regulated and whether it should be distributed according to economic criteria. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Security 08-12-2016

Firearms Directive dispute continues, no compromise in sight

The supporters and opponents of the EU's weapons law reform are seemingly entrenched in irreconcilable positions. After more than a year of negotiations and talks this week, there is still no agreement on the horizon. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Public Affairs 21-04-2015

Secretive ‘trialogue’ talks to agree EU law face investigation

EXCLUSIVE / Three-way talks between the major European institutions to broker deals on EU law face being investigated over their lack of transparency by the bloc’s maladministration watchdog.
Energy 09-05-2012

Energy efficiency deal ‘possible’ by July 2012

The Energy Efficiency Directive is likely to become reality under the Danish EU Presidency, which ends on 1 July, according to a European Commission official who has drafted the bill. The announcement came amid warnings from green campaigners, who say the amended text is too weak.
Energy 10-04-2012

Energy efficiency negotiations enter final phase

The energy efficiency bill is entering its final round of amendments, as the first talks between the European Commission, Parliament and Council will commence in an informal meeting tomorrow (11 April).