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Politics 22-03-2018

Publish secret law files, demands EU Court in transparency ruling

The most famous four-column documents in Brussels could remain secret no more. The European Court of Justice has ruled that the infamous ‘trilogue’ meetings that decide EU laws should be made public on demand.
Politics 27-11-2017

EU’s trying trilogues

MEPs want to tell the world what happens in their negotiations with member states over proposed legislation, but the EU’s national capitals are resisting. Why do governments have an impulse to hide what they do in Brussels?
Public Affairs 15-02-2017

Commission fluffs lines on decision-making reform

The European Commission has revealed its long-awaited reform of the so-called comitology decision-making process. But it has already been criticised for not being ambitious enough and concerns have been raised about whether the proposal stands any chance of being approved.
Euro & Finance 17-03-2014

EU bank bailout regulation plan hits snag

The single regulation mechanism for bank failures is the subject of continuing talks between the European Parliament, the Commission and Member States. If no agreement is found this week, the plan could be postponed to 2015.
Euro & Finance 16-10-2013

UK regulator wants 10-year tenders for audit firms

The UK’s Competition Commission yesterday (15 October) published a report on the competitiveness of the audit market broadly chiming with changes currently under debate at European level.