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Coronavirus 21-01-2022

Macron emphasises technology transfer in fight against vaccine shortages

French President Emmanuel Macron proposed pressuring pharmaceutical companies to share their knowledge to fight vaccine shortages worldwide, as an alternative to waiving intellectual property (IP) rights. 
Coronavirus 04-06-2021

EU proposes alternative to IP waiver to expand global vaccine access

The EU has set out its plan to boost deliveries of COVID-19 vaccines to developing countries, which banks on open supply chains, encouraging production and compulsory licences rather than an IP waiver. 
Coronavirus 04-06-2021

Waiving vaccine patents saves lives, health campaigners tell the EU

A series of protests have been staged in front of the European Commission and at a vaccine manufacturing plant in Belgium, calling for temporarily lifting of the intellectual property (IP) rights of COVID-19 vaccines and treatments.
Health 04-06-2021

Reshaping global health after COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has cast a new light on the compelling necessity of addressing health inequalities across the globe.

Trade Secrets Directive creates excessive secrecy and must be rejected

The schemed Directive on “Trade Secrets Protection” is meant to repress industrial espionage, but applies to the whole of society legal remedies that should only apply to businesses, writes a broad coalition of journalists, lawyers, scientists, unions and associations.
Trade & Society 25-10-2007

EU Parliament clears access to cheap medicines for poor nations

After tough negotiations with the Commission and member states, the European Parliament has finally endorsed an international agreement on improving access to medicines for developing countries. To come into force, the protocol must be ratified by at least two thirds of WTO members.
Trade & Society 02-05-2006

EU accepts compulsory licensing of pharma patents for ‘countries in need’

The Council has adopted a regulation allowing companies to produce copies of patented medicines for export to countries with insufficient capacity to produce drugs to combat their public health problems.
Global Europe 26-06-2002

EU takes initiative on access to drugs for developing countries

The Commission calls on changes to the WTO patent rules, to ensure that also the poorest countries can have access to generic drugs.
Health 05-06-2002

Paving the way for better global public health

At a Forum Europe Conference in Brussels, the pharmaceutical industry discussed with NGOs and EU decision makers what the Union can do to improve access to health care in the developing countries.
Global Europe 07-03-2002

Commission calls for changes in drugs patent rules for developing countries

The EU has presented a proposal to the WTO concerning access to medicines for developing countries that do not have the capacity to produce them themselves.