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EU Elections 2019 16-04-2019

Europe’s far-right fires new warning ahead of EU polls

The performance of the far-right in Finland’s elections has shown the strength of anti-immigrant parties across the continent, just over a month before the European parliament elections. The Finns Party strengthened their position in the country’s Parliament under the leadership...
Elections 06-11-2015

Finnish government close to collapse over healthcare reform

Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä said his centre-right coalition government could collapse today (6 November) if it fails to reach agreement on healthcare reforms that envisage spending cuts of up to €3 billion.
Elections 10-07-2015

Ratification hurdles could sink new Greek bailout

Even if European governments agree to a comprehensive package for Greece at the extraordinary EU summit on Sunday (12 July), the bailout still has to be ratified by the German Bundestag as well as by the parliaments of Finland, Slovenia and Estonia.
Euro & Finance 19-04-2011

Eurozone crisis escalates amid Greek debt fears

Pressure on financially weak eurozone members rose sharply yesterday (18 April) amid growing speculation that Greece will restructure its debt and after a Finnish vote showed mounting public opposition to more bailouts.
Elections 18-04-2011

True Finns election gains cast fresh doubts on EU

Finnish voters threw sand in the gears of European Union plans to bail out Portugal on Sunday (17 April) by thrusting the anti-euro True Finns party into a crucial role in parliament and possibly into government.
Euro & Finance 11-03-2011

Euro stability fund hostage to domestic resistance

Eurozone leaders will struggle to calm jittery markets at a summit in Brussels today (11 March) as calls to up the bloc's rescue facility become increasingly unpopular in Germany, Finland and the Netherlands.