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Global Europe 12-01-2018

Turkish courts reject jailed journalists’ request to be released

Turkish penal courts decided to keep two jailed journalists in detention, state-run news agency Anadolu said yesterday (11 January), hours after a top court had requested they be released because their rights had been violated while in custody.
Global Europe 09-10-2017

US, Turkey mutually suspend visa services for ‘security reasons’

The US mission in Turkey and then the Turkish mission in Washington mutually scaled back visa services after a US consulate employee was arrested in Turkey, in the latest sign of fraying diplomatic relations between the NATO allies.
Elections 26-06-2013

Ankara hails EU decision to unfreeze accession talks

EU ministers agreed yesterday (25 June) to open a new chapter in Turkey’s accession negotiations for the first time in three years. Even though talks will not start before October, Ankara reacted positively to the development. EURACTIV Turkey reports.
Global Europe 12-04-2012

Turkish leader invites NATO to defend its border with Syria

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an raised today (12 April) the prospect of calling on its NATO allies to protect its border after gunfire hit a Syrian refugee camp on Turkish territory.