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Elections 24-06-2013

EU foreign ministers to decide on Turkey’s membership talks

The Turkish government's handling of protests that have rocked the country for the past three weeks have strained relations with the EU, and a decision to take another step in Ankara’s accession talks, expected today (24 June), appears uncertain. EURACTIV Turkey reports. 
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Enlargement 13-06-2013

Erdogan’s Turkey has no place in the EU, say MEPs

MEPs on Wednesday lashed out at Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdo?an over the violent response to the protests in Istanbul. The demonstration began as a peaceful sit-in against government plans to build a shopping centre in central Istanbul. But it has now evolved into wide anti-government protest that has polarised the country. The EU expressed concern about the use of police force after clashes with the protesters left 5,000 injured and 4 dead.
Enlargement 13-06-2013

Concerned about Turkey, MEPs debate speeding up EU talks

Members of  the European Parliament expressed grave concern yesterday (12 June) about the Turkish government’s response to the Gezi Park protests that have polarised the country over the last three weeks. There was less consensus on whether speeding up EU accession negotiations could help the democratisation process in Turkey, however, EURACTIV Turkey reports.

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