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Digital 29-05-2007

EU agrees to allow TV product placement

A new redraft of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive - formerly known as the Television Without Frontiers Directive - has found mutual agreement with the European Parliament, Council and Commission.
Digital 14-12-2006

Parliament votes for US-style TV ads

The Parliament has adopted changes to EU television rules, allowing for more advertising breaks and product placement. 
Digital 13-12-2006

Television Without Frontiers / Audiovisual Without Frontiers

The EU institutions have found agreement on amendments to the Television without Frontiers (TWF) Directive, the central piece of EU TV regulation. They propose to apply certain provisions of the Directive to some internet-based services and to partially lift regulations on advertising and product placement.
Languages & Culture 13-11-2006

Presidency clashes with consumers on ad rules

Television advertising rules that the Finnish Presidency proposed to the Culture Council are much more lenient than first proposed, bringing accusations from consumer advocates that the Council is trying to circumvent the Parliament.
Digital 29-05-2006

Internet providers and movie industry team up for film online

A number of major industry players, including broadcasters, telecom operators and holders of copyrights, signed a Commission-inspired charter for promoting the online distribution of films.
Digital 18-04-2006

Industry opposes online content regulation

An industry alliance bringing together internet service providers, telecom operators, content providers and hardware makers attacks Commission plans to bring some online content under a regulatory scheme initially created for TV.
Digital 29-03-2006

TV regulation is becoming a cross-border issue

Following the classification of an Arabian media network as a terrorist organisation by the US, EU television regulators agreed to co-operate more closely in order to keep hate speech off European TV channels. 
Digital 09-03-2006

Mobile TV will drive IT market, Reding says

Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding has predicted that television on mobile devices will be the next big thing in consumer electronics.
Digital 30-01-2006

Co-Regulation Measures in the EU Media Sector

This study, commissioned by DG Infsoc from the Hans Bredow Institute for Media Research in Hamburg, and the Institute of European Media Law in Saarbrücken, (Germany)  aims at providing a complete picture of co-regulatory measures taken to date in the media sector in all 25 EU Member States and in three non-EU-countries, as well as of the research already done in this field.
Digital 14-12-2005

Commission recommends authorising TV product placement

The Commission proposes applying the provisions of the Television without Frontiers (TVWF) Directive to certain internet-based services. At the same time, regulations on advertising and product placement will be partially lifted.
Languages & Culture 12-10-2005

European TV getting dumber and dumber, study says

A hard-hitting report by the Open Society Institute criticises dumbing down and trivialisation of TV content throughout Europe, as a result of ineffective regulation and insufficient funding of high-quality public service TV. 

Report on TV programming quotas fails to reassure independent film producers

Broadcasters have exceeded the airtime quotas reserved for European programmes, according to a Commission report. But independent producers say broadcasters are stripping them of their authors' rights.
Digital 09-01-2004

E-Europe & satellite broadcasting top Irish Presidency telecoms agenda

The Irish Presidency plans to make satellite broadcasters contribute to regulatory fees while pressing ahead with the e-Europe Action Plan.
Health 17-12-2003

TV Without Frontiers Directive: The Commission’s roadmap for revision

The Commission has published a roadmap for the updating of the TV Without Frontiers (TWF) Directive. Fresh rules on new advertising techniques and protection of minors are expected early next year.

Parliament seeks complete overhaul of ‘Television Without Frontiers’ directive

The Parliament adopted a resolution on 4 September on the fourth report on the application of the Commission's directive on "Television Without Frontiers".

Television Without Frontiers: MEPs concerned with increasing media concentration

At their meeting on 12 June, MEPs urged a complete overhaul of the "Television Without Frontiers" Directive.

Member States differ over review of Television Without Frontiers Directive

Based on a document from the Presidency, the Council held an exchange of views on the Commission's plans to review the Television Without Frontiers Directive on 6 May.

Television without Frontiers: Commission to hold public hearings

Between April and June 2003, the Commission will hold public hearings on the review of the Television without Frontiers Directive.

Commission adopts work programme for “Television without Frontiers” review

The Commission has set itself a deadline of end 2003 to decide whether major changes are needed to the Television without Frontiers (TWF) Directive. In its 4th report on the application of the TWF Directive, the Commission proposes extensive stakeholder consultations on the main issues of this debate: public access to major events, promotion of cultural diversity, television advertising and the protection of minors.

TV advertising group wants clarification in advertising and sponsorship matters

The European Group on Television Advertising (EGTA) has stated a political clarification on the legality of new forms of advertising and sponsorship is urgently required.

Differences of opinion on Television without Frontiers

On 11 November, the Audiovisual and Culture Council held a debate on the review of the Television without Frontiers Directive, highlighting large differences on the scope and priorities of the review.