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Development Policy 14-06-2017

World Bank: Africa’s cities can learn from EU experience

EURACTIV spoke to Somik Vinaj Lall, the lead author of the World Bank flagship report Africa’s cities: Opening doors to the world. Meeting with EU counterparts, Lall identified areas where the EU experience could be valuable in the urbanisation of the African continent.
Cities & regions 04-12-2015

Utrecht-Leon initiative boosts Nicaraguan city

SPECIAL REPORT / An attractive and colourful new district of León, Nicaragua’s second city, where 20,000 people live, was created thanks to an initiative in cooperation with Utrecht.
Economy & Jobs 26-02-2007

European school partnerships on the rise

The number of European schools creating international 'virtual' partnerships over the internet more than doubled in 2006, according to recent findings.
EU Priorities 2020 20-12-2004

Commission consults on active European citizenship

The Commission is conducting a consultation to receive input regarding the priorities of the next community action programme to promote active European citizenship.
Enlargement 22-05-2003

Court of Auditors sees need for stronger administration in future EU members

The European Court of Auditors has released a special report on 21 May, assessing the effectiveness of PHARE and ISPA aid to the candidate countries. The report states that the Commission's assistance to support institution-building in the environment sector has been only partially successful.