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Energy 19-01-2015

After the oil price crash, it’s time for a carbon tax

The reduction in oil prices should be a good opportunity for Europe to put in place the appropriate tools for combating climate change, and to start the transition to a sustainable economy, writes Alberto Majocchi.
Global Europe 16-07-2013

UN failure in Iraq is also an EU failure

Camp Ashraf, a refugee camp in Iraq’s Diyala province, used to be an oasis of technology and agriculture, but its UN-led resettlement proved to be a nightmare, writes retired US Army Colonel Wesley Martin.
Development Policy 19-04-2013

A shift in operations for Mali

As the mission in Mali shifts focus, the forces conducting the operations will shift with it, writes Statfor, a Texas-based global intelligence company.
Global Europe 29-11-2012

UN should hold Iraq representative accountable

A consequence of the failure's of the UN Special Representative for Iraq is that his actions are making the international community lose credibility, argues British MP David Amess.
Global Europe 04-05-2011

The EU will be able to act more effectively at the UN

The "upgrade" of the EU's representation in the UN General Assembly will lead to a more coherent EU foreign policy and encourage other regional organisations to raise their profile as well, predicts Eberhard Rhein, a lecturer on economic policy at the Mediterranean Academy for Diplomatic Studies in Malta.
Climate change 21-01-2010

How to pass from Copenhagen to Mexico

"What role could the EU play to obtain a more successful outcome in Mexico [than in Copenhagen]?" asks Eberhard Rhein, a lecturer at the Mediterranean Academy for Diplomatic Studies in Malta, in a January post on Blogactiv.
Global Europe 17-01-2008

Cyprus: Reversing the Drift to Partition

The UN and EU should strongly encourage Greek and Turkish Cypriots to make "one more major effort" to reunify Cyprus in 2008, argues a new report from the International Crisis Group (ICG).
Security 13-01-2006

Commentary: Don’t alienate the Iranian people

As the tension builds up to a UN showdown after Iran broke the seals to its nuclear research facilities on 10 January, political analyst Timothy Garton Ash calls for great caution in the west's handling of the next steps. 
Security 15-09-2005

UN love fest

This week's New York gathering of world leaders will sign a bit of paper full of good intentions, but no commitments, writes Robert Skidelsky in the latest issue of Vedomosti.