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Economy & Jobs 26-06-2018

EU likely to impose safeguard measures on steel imports by mid-July

As the trade war with the US escalates, the EU is considering imposing provisional safeguard measures on steel imports, Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström told the press on Tuesday (26 June).
Euro & Finance 17-07-2012

IMF cuts growth forecast in a call to action

The International Monetary Fund yesterday (16 July) cut its forecast for global economic growth and warned against a further dip if policymakers in the eurozone do not act decisively to quell their region's debt crisis.
Euro & Finance 20-06-2012

A weak EU is in America’s interest

Despite having a number of reasons to want the EU to break up, Washington knows that a European meltdown could destabilise the United States. Therefore, keeping the Europeans in a state of long-term unease is acceptable to the United States, says Stratfor.