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Health 20-04-2021

Europe reunited against football Super League proposal

From top EU officials to European leaders, UK politicians and bosses of nationalist parties: the universal condemnation against the project of a new football tournament has reunited Europe for once.
Health 19-11-2020

Climate-conscious football fans not ready to change their ways, says study

A study carried out as part of the Life Tackle project demonstrates that while football fans attach great importance to the environment, their behaviour is not always "climate-friendly". EURACTIV France reports.
Coronavirus 17-03-2020

Virus outbreak pushes Euro 2020 football cup to 2021

Europe’s football governing body UEFA decided on Tuesday (17 March) to delay the Euro 2020 tournament one year, as the coronavirus outbreak forced the organisation’s hand after threatening to play havoc with the sporting calendar.
Health 18-12-2019

Study: Top 20 world footballers responsible for over 500 tonnes of CO2 emissions

The best players in the world are producing at least 505 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year only by travelling, way over the average, a study revealed. 
Health 31-10-2019

Three ways in which football is helping to recycle plastic

Sports events organisers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact they have and therefore are trying to be more sustainable, including by reducing and reusing plastics. 
Health 29-07-2019

Profit, planet, and people: Dublin stadium’s approach to sustainability

Controlling the social, economic and environmental impact of its activity should be at the core of the administration of a sports venue, managers of the Aviva Stadium in Dublin told EURACTIV in an interview.
Health 31-05-2019

UEFA faces criticism over carbon footprint for Euro finals

Criticism over football carbon footprint erupted as English clubs fans had to travel the world to see their teams playing against each other, thousands of kilometres away from home in Spain and Azerbaijan. 
Competition 07-11-2018

Spain’s La Liga says ready to turn to EU over City and PSG cases

The Spanish soccer league’s organising body La Liga is ready to turn to the European Union if UEFA does not enforce its Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules against Manchester City and Paris St Germain, a spokesman told Reuters on Tuesday....
Global Europe 08-04-2016

Cameron caught in Panama Papers crisis

The storm unleashed by the so-called Panama Papers continued to gather strength, as British Prime Minister David Cameron admitted benefiting from his father's offshore trust.
Sports 21-05-2014

Commission to reject challenge to ‘financial fair play’ rules

The European Commission plans to reject a complaint filed against UEFA's new rules punishing soccer clubs which run up big financial losses, a source close to the process said yesterday (20 May).
Sports 24-03-2011

Re-elected Platini pledges to control football spending

UEFA President Michel Platini this week (22 March) pledged to continue his efforts to keep a lid on club spending and combat match-fixing and crowd violence following his re-election as president of European football’s governing body. 
Sports 09-02-2010

Poland, Ukraine given thumbs-up for Euro 2012 progress

Poland and Ukraine still have minor problems to solve but are otherwise making good progress as they prepare to host Euro 2012, UEFA President Michel Platini said last weekend.
Sports 18-06-2004

UEFA Cup: EU powerless to act in dispute on crossborder venue

Forced to find another venue for its UEFA Cup matches, German club Alemannia Aachen chose neighbouring Holland. Reacting to a complaint about UEFA's 'no', the Commission said the case fell outside its competence.
Sports 11-06-2004

England fans on ‘yellow card’ before Euro 2004 kick-off

Hooliganism has marred previous Euro football finals but the hope is that the Portuguese authorities' 'softly softly' approach plus the UK governments' banning orders add up to a trouble-free tournament.
Sports 03-05-2004

Member States close ranks on football security ahead of Euro 2004

With the start of the European football Championships in Portugal inching ever closer, Member States have agreed to forger closer links and develop the use of national football information points further.

New football transfer system agreed in Brussels

EU reaches agreement with UEFA and FIFA on introduction of new rules governing transfer of football players