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Brexit 05-07-2019

Tory leadership contenders are offering false promises on No Deal

Both Tory leadership contenders are pandering to the idea that a No Deal Brexit will not hurt Britain's future. But when the victor reaches No 10, he will get a shock, writes Dinesh Dhamija.
Brexit 20-02-2019

The Brief – The Independent Eleven

Leaving the party that got you elected is very rare in Britain. So, too, is the emergence of a new party. That makes the joining of eight ex-Labour MPs with three ex-Conservatives in the Independent Group the most significant since the launch of the Social Democrat Party in 1981.
Brexit 12-12-2018

Doomed May wins confidence vote but at heavy cost

Prime Minister Theresa May survived a no-confidence vote on Tuesday night (12 December) but it came at a heavy price, as she lost the support of nearly 40% of her Conservative MPs and the opposition hinted it may soon mount its own challenge against her.
Brexit 03-10-2018

Back me or risk collapse of Brexit, May warns warring Tories

Theresa May warned her warring Conservative party on Wednesday (3 October) that Brexit may never come to fruition if they do not back her Chequers plan, as she spoke at the party's annual conference in Birmingham.
Brexit 09-10-2017

Brussels alarmed by UK leadership crisis as Brexit talks resume

Brexit negotiations enter a critical round on Monday (9 October) with British Prime Minister Theresa May saying the ball is in the EU's court, but the bloc fearing her domestic political woes threaten the talks.
Brexit 04-07-2016

Top candidates to lead Britain differ on Brexit urgency

Two leading contenders to be the next British prime minister disagreed publicly on Sunday (3 July) on how quickly negotiations should be triggered to plan a departure from the European Union.
Brexit 06-06-2016

John Major condemns ‘deceitful’ Brexit campaign claims

Former British Prime Minister John Major launched a blistering attack on Sunday (5 June) on fellow Conservatives campaigning for a Brexit, as rivals traded economic claims in an increasingly tight race for the 23 June vote.
Brexit 18-05-2016

Brexit-Brexin: Two leaps in the dark

The referendum debate on the UK and EU has mutated to a classic David and Goliath battle with a public sceptical of both sides, writes Dr Melanie Sully.
David Cameron
Brexit 09-09-2015

Accidental Brexit? Events risk overtaking Cameron

A year before Britain votes on whether to leave the European Union, events risk derailing Prime Minister David Cameron's carefully-laid plan to renegotiate EU membership and keep Britain in.
Brexit 16-04-2015

Conservatives lay out EU promises in manifesto

The Conservative Party launched its election manifesto today (16 April) with a promise to scrap the Human Rights Act, and hold a referendum on EU membership in 2017. EURACTIV UK reports.
Brexit 10-10-2014

UKIP wins first Westminster seat in by-election

Britain's anti-EU UK Independence Party won its first elected seat in parliament Thursday (9 October) by a huge margin, and came a close second in another vote, proving it poses a threat to the country's two main parties in a national election next year.
Hans-Olaf Henkel, lead MEP of Alternative für Deutschland [blu-news.org/Flickr]
Brexit 12-06-2014

German anti-Euro party joins Tories in EU Parliament

The ECR group in the European Parliament scoops up another seven seats, as news surfaced on Thursday that the German AfD party has been confirmed as a new member.
Brexit 16-09-2013

Cameron could lose premiership over UKIP surge, poll shows

British Prime Minister David Cameron's hopes of being re-elected in 2015 suffered a setback yesterday (15 September) when a poll showed an anti-European Union party had split the centre-right vote in dozens of decisive constituencies, leaving the path to Downing Street for Labour Ed Miliband.
Brexit 31-01-2013

Non-partisan pro-Europe group launched in the UK

Politicians from across the political spectrum have joined forces to campaign for Britain to stay in the European Union after Prime Minister David Cameron announced plans to hold a referendum on the country's membership.
Brexit 24-01-2013

Climate policy could be ‘collateral damage’ of UK exit from EU

Fears are growing in Brussels that climate policy could become a political football in any referendum on EU membership, following British Prime Minister David Cameron’s declaration of intent yesterday (23 January) to hold an in/out poll.
Brexit 18-01-2013

From Costa del Crime to Crimeshire, Cameron is walking on thin ice

To be or not be in the EU has changed since Britain has joined the bloc in 1973. The challenges governments face - climate change, organised crime, staying competitive in a changing world economy - are global. And the EU is their best bet of taking those challenges head on, writes British MEP Graham Watson.
Brexit 17-01-2013

Why British workers should not be convinced by Cameron

Millions of British workers have reason to be grateful for EU employment measures, which Prime Minister David Cameron will try to discredit tomorrow in his landmark speech, writes Baron John Monks, stressing social advances achieved so far are a cause worth fighting for the British working people.