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Politics 13-12-2019

Tweets of the Week: Climate Actions, Macron Turtleneck and UK Election

Climate activists set out their goals, Macron’s jumper amuses style trolls, and the great British public goes to the polls.
Brexit 09-12-2019

Brexit? New referendum? What’s at stake in UK vote

Britain votes on Thursday (12 December) in a crucial general election that will determine whether the country leaves the European Union next month or sets out a path to potentially reverse Brexit.
Brexit 06-12-2019

Labour uses leaked document to accuse Johnson of lying about post-Brexit customs checks

The opposition Labour party has used a leaked government document to accuse Boris Johnson of lying about new customs checks between Northern Ireland and Britain..
Brexit 14-11-2019

Brexit frustration increases as EU censures UK over failure to nominate commissioner

The European Commission has launched a formal infringement procedure against the UK over its failure to nominate a Commissioner, in the latest sign of increasing frustration between Brussels and London.
Brexit 04-11-2019

Farage rules out ‘Leavers Alliance’ with Johnson, targets Labour votes

Brexit party leader Nigel Farage ruled out the prospect of a ‘Leavers Alliance’ with the Conservative party on Monday (4 November), accusing Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s party of “conceited arrogance”.
Brexit 29-10-2019

Johnson gets his election as UK lawmakers finally agree December poll

The UK will go to the polls for a pre-Christmas general election on December 12, after opposition lawmakers finally abandoned their opposition to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s demands for an election at the fourth time of asking.
Freedom of thought 22-05-2017

Abortion row hits pro-EU LibDems UK election campaign

The most staunchly pro-EU party in the upcoming British election has been hit by a row over its leader’s Christian beliefs, especially on abortion, undermining its call for a second Brexit referendum.
Brexit 15-05-2015

Labour look for leader as UKIP’s Farage faces ‘coup’

Four candidates have put their names forward to be the new leader of the Labour party, as parties defeated in last week’s general election lick their wounds and prepare for five years in opposition.
Brexit 12-05-2015

Clarity of election good for UK and good for Europe

Following the Conservative party's victory in last week's UK general election, a referendum on EU membership before 2017 is now certain. According to Tom Parker, this knowledge, and the scale of the victory provides a certain level of certainty for business.
Brexit 07-05-2015

As it happened: The UK election

As Britain goes to the polls EURACTIV UK brings you the latest developments in the fight for 10 Downing Street.
Brexit 16-04-2015

Conservatives lay out EU promises in manifesto

The Conservative Party launched its election manifesto today (16 April) with a promise to scrap the Human Rights Act, and hold a referendum on EU membership in 2017. EURACTIV UK reports.
Brexit 14-04-2015

Labour launches manifesto, with promise to stand up for Britain in Europe

The opposition Labour Party launched their campaign manifesto in Manchester on Monday (13 April), pledging to stand up for Britain’s interests in the world, and in Europe.
Brexit 08-04-2015

EU referendum would cause chaos, says Blair

A referendum on EU membership would lead to chaos and uncertainty, former Prime Minister Tony Blair said today, accusing David Cameron of trading the UK’s national interest for political advantage.
Brexit 03-04-2015

Reforming laws on free movement will be a headache for future British governments

Immigration will be one of the defining issues of the 2015 UK general election. Despite Labour, the Conservatives, and the Lib Dems all setting out plans on EU immigration and the access of EU citizens to benefits, it will be exceptionally difficult for any future government to meaningfully reform the rules on freedom of movement, writes Marley Morris.
Brexit 02-04-2015

UK set for seven-way election debate

Prime Minister David Cameron and opposition leader Ed Miliband face their one and only live television debate of the election campaign on Thursday (2 April), along with five others, in a seven-way contest.
David Cameron
Brexit 27-03-2015

Cameron seen as winner in first TV encounter of UK election

Prime Minister David Cameron won the first TV encounter of the 2015 election, a poll showed. But opposition Labour leader Ed Miliband leveraged a rare opportunity to promote himself on a national stage.
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Brexit 20-03-2015

I will stay up until 4:00 AM to veto EU treaties, vows Cameron

In what could be his final post-summit press conference, British Prime Minister David Cameron admitted that some EU leaders would “breathe a sigh of relief” if he loses May’s national elections.
Brexit 17-03-2015

‘Europe isn’t working’ says Cameron

Speaking to BuzzFeed, Cameron admitted any future negotiations would be “tough”, but maintained his stance that a continuation of the status quo was “not an option”.
Britain at a crossroads
Brexit 11-03-2015

Voting on Brexit: The EU issues shaping the UK election

The May 7 UK general election will go a long way towards deciding whether Britain will stay in the European Union, or choose to leave, after forty years of uneasy relations.
Brexit 16-02-2015

The Labour Party plans for ‘Progressive Internationalism’ if it returns to government

In a time when publics around the world are turning more isolationist, Labour's 'progressive internationalism' puts it at odds with potential centre-left partners in the event of a hung parliament in May, writes Professor Chris Brown.
Brexit 16-02-2015

Higher wages key to growth, says Labour Party

Britain's Labour party has today (16 February) laid out plans to boost UK industry by placing working families at its centre, saying higher wages are key to economic growth.
Brexit 06-02-2015

Facebook prompts Britons to register to vote

Social media giant Facebook is urging every adult in the UK to register to vote ahead of the general election on 7 May.

Commission unimpressed by Cameron’s immigration rhetoric

The European Commission has reacted calmly to a landmark speech by David Cameron on immigration delivered today (28 November), conveying the message that the UK Prime Minister's rhetoric is shaped by the electoral cycle, with the Tories struggling to contain the anti-EU UKIP party ahead of the May 2015 elections.
Brexit 28-11-2014

Cameron: EU should change freedom of movement rules, or UK will exit

Britain's continued membership of the European Union is contingent upon it being allowed to stop migrants from the bloc tapping into its relatively generous welfare system, Prime Minister David Cameron will warn today (28 November).