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EU judges could strike down migrant benefit curbs after UK referendum

The ‘emergency brake’ banning European Union migrants from claiming British in-work benefits – part of David Cameron’s deal to keep the UK in Europe – could be struck down by EU judges after the referendum, a legal expert has told EURACTIV.
Brexit 15-05-2015

Helpful tips for the Tories

The UK already enjoys a special position within the EU. Andrew Duff explains why the Tories’ renegotiation demands may simply be impossible.
Brexit 14-04-2015

Labour launches manifesto, with promise to stand up for Britain in Europe

The opposition Labour Party launched their campaign manifesto in Manchester on Monday (13 April), pledging to stand up for Britain’s interests in the world, and in Europe.
Janan Ganesh
Brexit 03-02-2015

From a reluctant European: A memo to the Prime Minister

In the debate about EU "reforms", the UK must be clear also about what it cannot or should not change?, writes Janan Ganesh. Reform of agricultural and regional policy is desirable but less material to its interests than banking or social policy, he believes.

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