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Politics 09-05-2019

#EU2019 – UK shapes up for Farage vs Remain battle in Brexit proxy poll

The UK was not supposed to contest this month’s European elections, but Theresa May’s government finally bowed to the inevitable on Tuesday (8 May), conceding that the legislation needed to formalise Brexit will not have been passed by UK lawmakers before May 23.
Brexit 02-05-2016

Geoffrey Harris: A European career between two UK referendums

Geoffrey Harris, an old hand in the European Parliament, started his career just after the European Communities membership referendum, and will retire days before the Brexit referendum. In a wide-ranging interview, he tells of people and events that made EU history.
Brexit 14-08-2015

UK Labour party to gamble on socialism in leadership contest

Britain's opposition Labour Party begins voting today for a new leader in a contest that polls indicate will be won by Jeremy Corbyn, a veteran fan of Karl Marx who has upstaged rivals by promising a radical shift back to the party's socialist roots.
Brexit 30-10-2012

Labour tightens pressure on Cameron ahead of EU budget talks

The Labour party piled pressure on Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday (29 October) by pushing for an even tougher line on the European Union budget than that proposed by his Conservative party.