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Brexit 29-06-2016

Farage on UKIP’s future: After Brexit, who cares?

Nigel Farage stated that UKIP's role after the UK referendum on Europe was to ensure there was “no backsliding or betrayal” on the vote to Leave. But he refused to say if he would dissolve his party, born as a single issue campaign, after Britain quits the EU.
Brexit 12-03-2015

Sir William Cash: It’s time for Britain to leave the EU

The upcoming general election on 7 May could well be a turning point in EU-UK relations, says Sir William Cash, a veteran Conservative politician. The House of Commons longest-serving committee member tells EURACTIV UK’s Mark Briggs why he thinks it is time for Britain to leave the EU, and what the general election holds in store.
Brexit 24-04-2014

Hazell: ‘We must challenge UKIP’s anti-EU fear mongers’

A group of pro-Europe British Conservatives has decided to launch a new party to stand in the upcoming European elections as an alternative to David Cameron’s Conservatives, and Nigel Farage’s eurosceptic UK Independence Party (UKIP). EURACTIV spoke to its founder, Dirk Hazell.