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  • Crimea: Not Russia’s and not forgotten

    Europe's East 21-03-2016

    Russia’s illegal annexation of Ukraine has destabilised the region and put European security at risk. We must stand firm and show Russia that such behaviour will not be tolerated, writes David Lidington.

  • Why Putin went into Syria

    Global Europe 15-03-2016

    The Russians intervened in Syria in order to bail the United States out of a very difficult situation, and obtain better understanding for their interests with Ukraine, writes George Friedman.

  • Competitors benefit from the freezing of EU-Russia trade relations

    Agrifood 22-02-2016

    Everybody understands that Russia will not beg the EU to abandon sanctions, but the longer the sanctions persist, the more Russia will develop its import substitution, writes Vladimir Chizhov.

  • Why does Patrushev warn of an American plot against Russia?

    Global Europe 28-01-2016

    Coming from Nikolai Partushev, a senior Russian official, and former head of the intelligence service close to President Vladimir Putin, statements about an American plot against Russia have to be taken seriously, writes George Friedman for Geopolitical Futures.

  • Ukraine’s state reform is a vital national security interest

    Europe's East 19-01-2016

    Ukraine today is very different from what it was two years ago, before the Revolution of Dignity, not only because of the illegal occupation of the Crimea, and parts of the Donbass, writes Kálmán Mizsei.

  • How the US can get Russia and Turkey to talk

    Enlargement 19-01-2016

    With the Iran nuclear deal now in force, the United States can devote its energies to its next big regional challenge: dealing a crippling blow to Islamic State. The geopolitical strategy to move toward this goal is more circuitous than one might think, contends Stratfor, the global intelligence company.

  • Another tough year ahead for the EU

    Global Europe 18-01-2016

    If the EU can overcome its many internal problems in 2016, especially the refugee and UK issues, then it will be able to make a greater impact in the external field, writes Fraser Cameron.

  • Gazprom falters

    China 15-12-2015

    Gazprom's Russian rivals will use the company's financial difficulties as an opportunity to break the giant's hold on the Russian natural gas sector, writes Stratfor, the Texas-based global intelligence company.

  • Linkevicius: Dealing with Russia is like playing football against a rugby team

    Enlargement 14-12-2015

    Calls for returning to “normal dialogue” and re-establishing “pragmatic” relations with Russia only show that some in the EU have not learned the lessons of the recent past, writes Linas Linkevi?ius.

  • Remembering Holodomor

    Central Asia 26-11-2015

    As Ukrainians commemorate the 83rd anniversary of Holodomor, a famine planned by the Soviets, Russia's leadership has no intention of distancing itself from the legacy of Stalin, writes Luibov Nepop.

  • For Ukraine, a Grand Bargain is still elusive

    Europe's East 15-10-2015

    The obstacles to a ‘grand bargain’ on Ukraine are many, and one is the interpretation of the Minsk protocols, as there is no clear definition of what the "special status" which should be given to the separatist territories actually is, writes Stratfor, the Texas-based global intelligence company.

  • Is it time for Europe to excuse Russia’s aggression?

    Europe's East 25-09-2015

    As strange as it may seem, the Kremlin’s claims of “historical facts” and “common past” in order to justify some “exclusive rights” of Russia to define destiny of the Ukrainians sometimes find echo in the West, writes Liubov Nepop.

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