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Energy 30-06-2022

G7 leaders should not place more value on oil than on Ukraine

Although the EU and the UK agreed sanctions on Russian ships, they are delaying their execution for fear of rising oil prices. Meanwhile, Putin's war is taking innocent lives, writes Svitlana Romanko, urging G7 leaders to take their responsibility and address their overdependence on Russian oil and gas.
Agrifood 29-06-2022

Wheat prices to jump by a third if Russian exports halve, warn OECD, UN

Wheat prices are set to skyrocket by 34% in the event that exports from Russia are halved, and will rise by 19% if exports from Ukraine are cut completely, according to the latest predictions from the world’s major food and development organisations.
Agrifood 29-06-2022

How to export grain from Ukraine amid seaport blockade

You can read this also in Spanish, Romanian, Croatian and in Italian. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its blockade of the country’s seaports has forced one of the world’s key grain exporters to look for new routes to export its...

France to examine gas tariff shield ‘in the coming days’

A tariff shield to fight rising gas prices will be examined "in the coming days", French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, who visited GRTgaz's dispatching site in the Île-de-France region, announced on Thursday (23 June).
Health 22-06-2022

EU health agency ‘very closely’ monitoring possible medicine shortage

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is "very closely" monitoring possible shortages of medicines or medical equipment as a result of the war in Ukraine, though no critical shortages have so far been reported.
Agrifood 20-06-2022

Ukraine’s grain ‘OPEC’ – What is it and is it worth the price?

Ukraine is reviving Russia’s pipe dream of setting up an organization of gran exporting countries - but with Western partners. However, experts warn of potential negative consequences of a grain 'OPEC' with more clarification on its functioning needed.
Economy & Jobs 17-06-2022

Ukraine reconstruction key to avoid brain-drain, academics warn

Universities across the EU are supporting Ukrainian students through mobility partnerships. Meanwhile, academics warn that reconstruction efforts will be key to avoid the risk of brain-drain and rebuild a country able to attract talents.
Agrifood 16-06-2022

EU-India clash over push on free trade of food

The Indian government has lambasted a push from the EU and other World Trade Organisation (WTO) members to keep global trade on foodstuffs open to cope with the fallout of the Ukraine war, backing countries' right to stockpile to feed their citizens.
Elections 10-06-2022

Mélenchon revives debate over nuclear’s supposed ‘volatility’ ahead of election

Far-left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon has reiterated his opposition to nuclear ahead of the first round of the legislative elections this weekend, adding that he will maintain his stance if he gets nominated prime minister. EURACTIV France reports.
Agrifood 10-06-2022

Ukraine’s deputy agri minister: Winning the war, unblocking ports only way to restore grain exports

Despite an adequate and friendly global response, the only option to restore grain exports from Ukraine is to win the war as Russia can not be trusted in any plan aimed at unblocking seaports in the South of the country, Ukraine's deputy agriculture minister told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
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Politics 10-06-2022

To defeat Putin, we must shield Europeans from the shockwaves of the war

The Russian war against Ukraine will inevitably result in a severe economic shock of uncertain magnitude in the European Union. Rapid increases in food and energy prices are affecting the most vulnerable Europeans, aggravating energy poverty and worsening living conditions.

How the EU can quit Russian fossil fuels

Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the EU has sent over €50 billion to Russia in payment for fossil energy.
Agrifood 08-06-2022

Keep calm and carry on trading: Von der Leyen urges solidarity to fix food crisis

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has called for global solidarity to cope with food insecurity caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, urging states to keep trade open while pledging EU support for the most vulnerable countries.
Agrifood 08-06-2022

Food security in times of crisis

In this Event Report, EURACTIV's agrifood team takes a closer look at food security in this time of crisis and the response at the EU level.
Agrifood 07-06-2022

Hunger hotspots: UN warns current food insecurity worse than Arab Spring

Acute food insecurity will likely deteriorate further in 20 countries over the coming months, according to a new report from the world’s major food organisations, who warn the current situation is already worse than during the 2011 Arab Spring.
Agrifood 07-06-2022

Czech Presidency: ‘Let’s forget about the Farm to Fork strategy for a few months’

It would be wise to forget about the EU’s flagship sustainable food policy, the Farm to Fork strategy, throughout the Czech Republic’s presidency to instead focus on increasing food production, Štěpán Černý, director-general for European Affairs for the Czech government told EURACTIV.

Disabled children and the war against Ukraine

The war against Ukraine and homemade policy decisions are causing disastrous conditions for disabled children living in institutions. The EU should ensure its humanitarian aid involves this vulnerable group while also supporting community-based disability support, writes Florian Sanden.
Global Europe 01-06-2022

We must use Russian assets to rebuild Ukraine and help refugees

Seizing Russian assets in Europe is an important and just way to help Ukrainians now and during the country's reconstruction, writes Paweł Jabłoński.  
Agrifood 31-05-2022

African Union and EU agree united stance on food security amid famine warnings

The EU and the African Union have agreed on a united message on food security which places the blame for disruptions to food supply squarely on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s shoulders amid warnings of a “catastrophic” famine.
Economy & Jobs 31-05-2022

EU leaders agree to support Ukraine financially, but postpone details

European leaders at the EU summit in Brussels on the night of 30-31 May agreed on €9 billion in macro-financial support for Ukraine and committed themselves to help finance Ukraine's reconstruction, but they postponed decisions on the nature of the support and how it should be funded.
Europe's East 30-05-2022

It’s time for Paris-Berlin-Warsaw leadership on the war in Ukraine

Germany, France and Poland must offer political leadership on the Ukraine crisis, starting with finalising an embargo on Russian oil, writes Marcin Korolec.
Agrifood 30-05-2022

EU leaders to consider ‘all available ways’ to bypass Russian food export blockade

EU leaders will consider all available ways to circumvent the food export blockade imposed by Russia on Ukraine's ports, including a naval mission to escort cargo ships, but will not concede to Russia's demands to lift sanctions, sources told EURACTIV.

Defending European borders

EU leaders have the opportunity to shape the European defence landscape for decades to come, writes Guillaume Faury.
Agrifood 25-05-2022

Commission considers easing rules on crop rotation to grow more wheat

The Commission is open to a German proposal to delay new EU rules on crop rotation in order to increase wheat production in the light of the Ukraine war, after the idea won approval from a number of member states.