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EU Priorities 2020 23-02-2018

EU budget post 2020: Fortress Europe or a budget for working people?

One of the main discussion points of the  informal summit in Brussels on 23 February is the EU's post-2020 long-term budget, however the topics to be debated on the matter are limited and do not take into account the Pillar of Social Rights, writes Thiébaut Weber.

Fertiliser chief: Farming should remain at top of development agenda

In agreeing to come up with a list of Sustainable Development Goals, governments have pledged to take a holistic approach to our global future, therefore viable farming should remain top of the list, argues Abdulrahman Jawahery.
Development Policy 14-05-2013

INFOGRAPHIC: Slow progress on UN development targets

The United Nations' eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), adopted in 2000, are edging closer to their 2015 completion target date. But progress remains slow in several areas, such as reducing infant and maternal mortality rates, and access to basic sanitation. EURACTIV brings a visual overview.