About: UN’s Sustainable Energy For All project

Energy 15-03-2018

An inefficient truth

It’s time for the G20 to give energy efficiency the respect it deserves, writes Rachel Kyte.
Climate change 30-11-2012

Half of Europe’s renewable energy ‘comes from wood’

SPECIAL REPORT / Practically half of the EU’s renewable energy currently comes from wood and wood waste, according to the EU statistics office Eurostat, but a lack of sustainability criteria for measuring its environmental impact is stoking fears of a hidden carbon debt mountain. 
Development Policy 29-11-2012

UN energy goals threatened by fossil fuel subsidies, campaigners say

SPECIAL REPORT / UN plans to double the world’s renewable energy capacity within two decades are under threat from fossil-fuel handouts, which have almost doubled in three years, campaigners say.
Development Policy 28-11-2012

Funding devils in the detail of the UN’s energy targets

SPECIAL REPORT: Funding plans for initiatives as ambitious as the UN’s Sustainable Energy For All project (SE4ALL) traditionally contain as many details as they do devils, and from financing sources to fossil fuel emissions, SE4ALL is no exception.