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Energy 19-12-2019

As Ukraine unbundles its gas system, the architect speaks

Unbundling the gas transmission system of Ukraine will become effective on 1 January 2020. This is a major milestone following years of internal bickering, as well as obstructions from the Russian side. EURACTIV spoke to chief unbundling architect, Clare Spottiswoode.
Energy 26-09-2016

After striking murky gas deal, Ukraine bows to West

The fight for the control over a profitable company that transports Russia's gas to Europe exposed the clan warfare and backstabbing that surrounds Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and hampers Kyiv's bid to anchor its ties to the West.
Energy 21-09-2012

Gazprom may unbundle to escape EU claims

Russia’s Gazprom will split its European assets to meet requirements of EU’s "third energy package" and avoid anti-trust claims by the European Commission, Russian news media reported. The Commission said it had no comment on the reports.
Digital 13-03-2012

New step in telecoms unbundling finds tough hurdles

An attempt by the Italian Parliament to further liberalise telecom services has spurred an unprecedentedly tough reaction from top European operators and regulators that say the changes could protect vested interests.
Energy 26-01-2012

Gazprom chief questions EU pipeline rules

EU rules designed to boost third-party participation in Russian pipelines shipping gas to Europe could trigger legal steps by Russia, the head of Gazprom said in an interview with a German newspaper published today (26 January).
Digital 27-09-2011

EU checks complaints against Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype

The European Commission is determining whether to require the unbundling of the Internet phone service Skype from Microsoft's Windows operating system before authorising the planned merger of the two companies.
Energy 22-02-2011

Putin to seek 2050 gas ‘roadmap’ on Brussels visit

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who will be in Brussels on 24 February, will seek long-term special arrangements for his country's gas supplies to the EU, various speakers said yesterday (21 February). Vladimir Chizhov, Russia's envoy to the EU, warned that the talks could be "unpleasant".
Energy 26-01-2011

Lithuania pressures Commission against Gazprom

Lithuania stepped up a row with Gazprom on 25 January. The dispute pits EU energy policy against gas supplier Russia and reveals more friction between Moscow and its neighbours over energy.
Energy 06-06-2008

Interview: ‘France will eventually back down on unbundling’

Despite its current opposition to the idea, the French government will eventually support 'ownership unbundling' in a "diplomatic manoeuvre" designed to protect price regulation, Charles Beigbéder, the CEO of Poweo, told EURACTIV France in an interview.
Competition 04-07-2007

Micro-generators lament ‘insurmountable’ barriers to EU energy market

On the occasion of the official liberalisation of EU electricity and gas markets on 1 July, a renewable-energy group has complained to the Commission and European Energy Regulators that a lack of transparency and blocked access to energy grids are preventing them from competing on the market. 
Competition 07-03-2007

Germany backs electricity giants in bid against ‘unbundling’

German incumbent energy companies will receive support from the German Presidency to avoid being disbanded, according to draft conclusions for the 2007 Spring Council, seen by EURACTIV.