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Transport 09-01-2015

Lessons learned from an eight-year battle for cleaner fuels

The European Commission ignored scientific advice, and crumbled in the face of lobbying by Canada, the US, and oil majors, when it watered down legislation concerning the dirtiest and costliest oil, writes Nusa Urbancic.
Energy 04-12-2014

Activist MEPs put tar sands ‘dirty label’ back on the agenda

EU lawmakers have relaunched a plan to stigmatise Canada's tar sands on Wednesday (3 December), despite years of Ottawa's lobbying the EU bloc as part of its export drive.
Energy 21-01-2014

Commission should stop buying the shale gas hype

After ENI's abandonment of shale gas exploration in Poland last week, the EU should look to lead in clean energy rather than chasing unrealistic and uneconomic shale gas pipe dreams, argues Geert Decock. 

Canada ‘spins’ mining disclosure laws on back of EU’s approval

The European Parliament has given its final approval for tough new disclosure rules for energy and mining firms, just as Canadian premier Stephen Harper announces similar rules in London in a bid analysts say is designed to smooth over bad headlines on tar sands.
Climate change 25-01-2013

Canada’s tar sands charm offensive hits the rocks

EXCLUSIVE / A Canadian bid to persuade EU policymakers to soften proposed fuel quality laws has come unstuck, with one Canadian minister publicly disputing her government’s admission that tar sands are damaging Ottawa’s image abroad, and MEP's complaining about "undiplomatic power plays".
Energy 30-03-2010

EU warned fuel quality plans will increase oil emissions

Draft rules on implementing the EU's Fuel Quality Directive would allow imports of tar sand and other energy intensive oils to the EU, undermining greenhouse gas emission savings, environmentalists have warned.
Energy 01-12-2008

Future supply concerns grow as oil becomes cheaper

Large energy projects for oil, gas and renewables are facing a "double whammy" of falling oil prices and tightening financing conditions, raising concerns about future supplies once demand start to pick up again, experts have warned.
Energy 01-10-2008

BP: ‘We should see volatility increase’

Tight global fossil fuel markets, increased nationalisation of oil reserves and massive economic growth in developing countries like China and India are creating new realities in global energy markets, which will remain volatile for some time to come, according to BP's chief economist Christof Rühl, who spoke to EURACTIV in an interview.
Energy 01-08-2008

Report warns of Canadian oil sands climate risks

The rush to exploit Canada's heavy tar-sand oil, which necessitates more energy to recover than conventional oils, could significantly increase global risks of dangerous climate change, warns a new report by the WWF and the Co-Operative Financial Services (CFS), a UK financial group.