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The European Labour Authority is here – time to tackle abuse and promote fair labour mobility

The newly-created European Labour Authority (ELA) will take its first steps in October, and there are fears that the ELA will be trapped between the expectations of some member states to step up controls against abuse in cross-border mobility and others who want to focus on providing information and support to fair mobility, argues Marcin Kiełbasa.

German bill to tackle undeclared work and child benefit fraud

German finance minister Olaf Scholz has presented a bill for German customs to be given more employees and powers. EURACTIV Germany’s media partner Der Tagesspiegel reports.
Economy & Jobs 13-07-2018

Use vouchers to combat grey economy, EU report urges government

EU countries should pilot voucher schemes to assess whether they can be used to combat the grey economy, according to a new report.
Economy & Jobs 06-07-2018

Social voucher solutions ‘create jobs and combat black economy’

Social voucher solutions are smart ways to stimulate local economies and create jobs, as well as increase spending power and combat the black economy, Nathalie Renaudin tells EURACTIV.
Economy & Jobs 28-04-2017

Proper voucher use will move people into labour market, EU official says

In light of recent misuse cases reported in Italy, an EU official told EURACTIV.com that vouchers, if properly used, could result in moving more people into the labour market and tackle undeclared work.

Stamp out undeclared work to boost inclusive labour markets

Undeclared work undermines social systems and employee rights, but good labour market regulation can reintegrate workers and benefit the economy, writes Denis Pennel. 

Undeclared work increased with the economic crisis

A group of EU member countries will help tackle the problem according to a new opinion by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), an advisory body to the EU institutions.
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Economy & Jobs 10-04-2014

Commission proposes EU platform to tackle undeclared work

The European Commission proposed on Wednesday the creation of a pan-European platform to aimed at preventing and detering undeclared work more effectively.

Brussels mulls steps to curb EU shadow economy

The Commission proposed yesterday (9 April) the creation of an EU-wide platform to fight against undeclared work in all 28 member states, to help them share their best practices.

Commission steps up fight against moonlighting

In a new Communication on undeclared work, the Commission recommends that member states learn from each other and co-operate to combat a phenomenon that takes a good deal of what workers earn away from tax collectors and social security cash registers. 
Elections 25-09-2006

Labour immigration takes centre-stage in Austria

Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel's proposal to open the Austrian labour market for nurses from the country's eastern neighbouring states has brought him into conflict with the Social Democrats and sections of his own party.
Health 10-07-2003

EU ministers ready to tackle Europe’s black economy?

Undeclared work and the synchronisation of EU social policies are the two main discussion points on the agenda of the informal Council meeting on 10-12 July 2003.