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Agrifood 17-12-2021

Special CAPitals: The laggers and the leaders of the Unfair Trading Practices directive

In this third edition of the CAPitals, EURACTIV's network takes a look at the state of play of the implementation of the Unfair Trade Practices (UTP) directive across the bloc.
Agrifood 04-11-2021

Commission report: EU countries have exceeded expectations on unfair trade practices

Most EU countries have chosen to go beyond the minimum protections set out in the EU rules banning unfair trading practices in the agri sector, a new report has found, but stakeholders warn much work remains to ensure the bloc is on common footing.
Economy & Jobs 01-07-2021

Commission wants tougher rules for consumer credit deals

The European Commission proposed caps on interest rates for consumer credit agreements and a ban on bundling practices as part of tougher consumer credit rules following the surge in online shopping during COVID-19 lockdowns and the rise of digital lenders.
China 31-03-2021

UK calls for end to ‘pernicious’ trade practices, in apparent swipe at China

Britain said it will push G7 allies to do more to ban "pernicious practices" in trade, such as forced labour and intellectual property theft, in an apparent call for a tougher line towards China at the World Trade Organization.
Agrifood 30-04-2020

Transitional CAP, market measures, unfair trade practices

Welcome to EURACTIV’s AgriFood Brief, your weekly update on all things Agriculture & Food in the EU. You can subscribe here if you haven’t done so yet. The European Parliament’s agriculture committee has approved a negotiating mandate for upcoming talks...
Agrifood 30-04-2020

COVID-19 causing spike in unfair trade practices, farmers complain

Farmers are noticing an increase in the use of unfair trade practices (UTPs) in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, while the implementation of the EU regulation that should protect them is still in its early stages.
Agrifood 15-03-2019

Battle over unfair trade practices ends, its champion rejoices

On Tuesday (12 March), the European Parliament approved long-awaited legislation on unfair trade practices (UTPs). EURACTIV.com spoke with the lawmaker who shepherded the new rules over the line.