The battle against climate change is not confined to Warsaw

The UN climate conference on Monday (11 November) in Warsaw, Poland, will not save the planet but by gathering people who are committed to saving it, sharing ideas and understanding how all the pieces fit together, we can make real progress, write Harro van Asselt and Pieter Pauw.

COP18 marked a time of transition, not a failing of political will

The outcome of the Doha Climate Summit disappointed observers and activists alike, but it was in fact another step towards creating the enabling conditions for civilisational change and moves to addressing global injustice, argues Bo Kjellén.
Development Policy 23-05-2011

A single binding international climate agreement will remain a chimera

Eberhard Rhein argues that Copenhagen and Cancún-style UN climate conferences should be discontinued in favour of more regular meetings of the most polluting countries.