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UAE, Germany sign ‘blue hydrogen’ contract in Abu Dhabi

German vice-chancellor Robert Habeck has secured several hydrogen cooperation contracts with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with the first blue hydrogen expected to be shipped to Germany in 2022.
Global Europe 19-01-2022

14 dead as Saudi coalition bombs Yemen after UAE attack

The Saudi-led coalition killed 14 people in air strikes on Yemen's rebel-held capital, a medical source said Tuesday (18 January), after an attack by Huthi insurgents on the United Arab Emirates sent regional tensions soaring.

EU presence reduced to concrete dungeon at Dubai Expo

The European Union's permanent physical presence at the quinquennial beauty contest of nations and world powers is limited to an office tucked away from the public at the end of a hidden hallway, EURACTIV discovered while visiting the Dubai Expo in the United Arab Emirates.

Hydrogen trade: Belgium signs deal with Chile, Germany woos UAE

As leaders announced their climate pledges at COP26, side-rooms saw the port of Antwerp sign a MoU with Chile and German initiative H2Global try to charm the Emirates, who aim for 25% of hydrogen global market share by 2050.