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Global Europe 01-07-2022

Russia hauls in ambassador over ‘offensive’ UK comments on nuclear weapons

Russia said on Thursday (30 June) it had summoned the British ambassador to voice a strong protest against "offensive" British statements, including about alleged Russian threats to use nuclear weapons.
Global Europe 17-06-2022

WikiLeaks’ founder Assange vows to fight extradition from UK to United States

The wife of Julian Assange vowed to fight using every possible legal avenue after British Home Secretary Priti Patel on Friday (17 June) approved the WikiLeaks' founder's extradition to the United States to face criminal charges.
Languages & Culture 17-06-2022

Eurovision 2023 cannot go ahead in Ukraine due to war

The 2023 Eurovision Song Contest cannot be held in Ukraine given the ongoing war in the country, the European Broadcasting Union said Friday (17 June), adding it was in talks with the BBC to host it in the United Kingdom.

In blow to UK’s Johnson, Council of Europe stops asylum-seekers’ flight to Rwanda

A first flight carrying asylum seekers to Rwanda as part of a controversial UK policy was cancelled on Tuesday (14 June), in an embarrassing blow to Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government.
Global Europe 10-06-2022

Two Britons, one Moroccan sentenced to death in separatist Donetsk ‘republic’

Two Britons and a Moroccan who were captured while fighting for Ukraine were sentenced to death on 9 June by a court in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), one of Russia's proxies in eastern Ukraine, Russian news agencies reported.
Global Europe 07-06-2022

Fierce street fighting in Ukraine’s Severodonetsk, a pivotal battle for Donbas

Ukrainian troops were engaged in fierce street fighting with Russian soldiers in the industrial city of Severodonetsk, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said, in what is a pivotal battle in the Kremlin's attempt to control the eastern Donbas region.
Brexit 07-06-2022

Boris Johnson: The ‘greased piglet’ slips away again

All politicians need luck and Boris Johnson -- once described as a "greased piglet" for his uncanny powers of political escapology -- has had more than most in his career.
Languages & Culture 02-06-2022

Queen Elizabeth offers thanks as Platinum Jubilee celebrations begin

Queen Elizabeth thanked all those involved in her Platinum Jubilee celebrations ahead of four days of pomp, parties, parades and public holidays to herald her record-breaking 70 years on the British throne.
Brexit 13-05-2022

United Kingdom hopes for a return to Eurovision glory, reverse of Brexit bias

A quarter of a century has passed since the UK last won the Eurovision Song Contest, leading to years of speculation on whether political events such as Brexit crushed their chances of winning, but this year the tables may well turn.
Politics 10-05-2022

Queen Elizabeth pulls out of parliament opening because of ‘mobility problems’

Britain's Queen Elizabeth will not carry out the opening of parliament on 10 May as the 96-year-old monarch has had a recurrence of mobility issues, Buckingham Palace said, the latest event she will not attend because of her health.
Global Europe 27-04-2022

Moscow warns London for provoking Ukraine to strike Russian territory

Russia warned Britain on Tuesday (26 April) that if it continued to provoke Ukraine to strike targets in Russia then there would be an immediate "proportional response".
Global Europe 22-04-2022

UK’s Johnson to offer India help to build its own fighter jets

Britain is set to offer India know-how to build fighter jets when the prime ministers of the two countries meet on Friday, as the West tries to wean India away from Russia.
Global Europe 22-04-2022

UK and Canada protest Russia’s ‘perverse’ participation in IMF meeting

British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and his Canadian counterpart Chrystia Freeland walked out of an International Monetary Fund (IMF) meeting in Washington to protest the invasion of Ukraine when Russia's delegate spoke on Thursday (21 April).
Global Europe 21-04-2022

British PM Johnson signals visa flexibility with India to win trade deal

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson indicated he was ready to offer more visas to India in return for this year clinching a free-trade deal that could boost annual bilateral trade by billions of pounds.

UK’s €150 million asylum deal with Rwanda set for legal challenge

The UK on Thursday (14 April) unveiled an agreement with Rwanda that will see them send thousands of asylum seekers to the East African country to have their applications processed, but the controversial deal is likely to spark legal challenges.
Global Europe 31-03-2022

UK spy chief says Russian soldiers refused to carry out orders in Ukraine

The head of Britain's GCHQ spy service said on Wednesday (30 March) that new intelligence showed some Russian soldiers in Ukraine had refused to carry out orders, sabotaged their own equipment and accidentally shot down one of their own aircraft.
Global Europe 24-03-2022

Russian move on Ukraine aid fails at UN Security Council

A Russian-drafted call for aid access and civilian protection in Ukraine that does not mention Moscow's role in the crisis failed at the UN Security Council, with only Russia and China voting yes and the remaining 13 members abstaining.
Global Europe 23-03-2022

Ukraine invasion boosts calls for UK politics to tackle Russian cash

From huge donations to political parties and bids for games of tennis with senior ministers, to nominations for peerages, Russian money in British politics has been a recurrent issue for years. But the invasion of Ukraine has intensified calls for...
Global Europe 17-03-2022

UK ‘very disappointed’ with India’s stance on Ukraine

Britain is very disappointed with India's stance on Russia's invasion of Ukraine, trade minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan said on Thursday (17 March) ahead of the conclusion of a second round of trade talks.
Global Europe 11-03-2022

Portugal says question of Abramovich citizenship depends on inquiry

Portugal said on Thursday it would not strip the citizenship of Chelsea soccer club owner Roman Abramovich because that measure was not part of EU sanctions against Russian oligarchs, but his nationality status could change depending on an inquiry.
Europe's East 07-03-2022

France and Britain trade barbs over treatment of Ukraine refugees in Calais

France and Britain engaged in a diplomatic spat on Sunday (6 March) over the treatment of Ukrainian refugees stuck in the French port of Calais, with UK Interior Minister Priti Patel defending Britain's actions after earlier criticism from France.
Global Europe 22-02-2022

Britain sanctions Gennady Timchenko and five banks, Johnson says

Britain on Tuesday (22 February) slapped sanctions on Gennady Timchenko and two other billionaires with close links to Vladimir Putin after the Kremlin chief ordered the deployment of troops to two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine.
Global Europe 11-02-2022

Russia masses more troops near Ukraine, US says

Russia is now massing yet more troops near Ukraine and an invasion could come at any time, perhaps before the end of this month's Winter Olympics, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Friday.
Global Europe 11-02-2022

Russia says facts ‘bounce off’ Britain’s Truss in tense encounter

Russia's foreign minister accused his British counterpart on Thursday (10 February) of grandstanding and refusing to listen, at a rancorous encounter that highlighted the gulf between them over the Ukraine crisis.