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  • UK gets Russian gas for Christmas, despite US sanctions

    News | Energy 15-12-2017

    The United Kingdom will take direct delivery of Russian gas for the first time this month, after fears of a winter supply crisis pushed prices up. The deal is controversial because the provider is a Russian gas project that is the subject of US sanctions against Moscow.

  • Brexit set to dominate UK politics for years ahead

    Opinion | Brexit 08-12-2017

    In March, Michel Barnier told me he had offered the UK a two-year transition period after April 2019 in which Britain could trade freely without tariffs or duties, provided London accepted existing EU rules and laws on social protection, environment and rights of EU citizens. Denis MacShane explains.

  • Brexit and the ghosts of Ireland’s past

    Opinion | Brexit 05-12-2017

    Negotiations in Northern Ireland have a law of their own. The Good Friday Agreement came about after months of painstaking diplomacy between London, Belfast and Dublin. Brexit will be no different, writes Dr Melanie Sully.

  • Does return of EU growth weaken case for Brexit?

    Opinion | Brexit 14-11-2017

    One of the more powerful arguments advanced in Britain by Eurosceptics – from hardline Brexit ideologues to polite rationalists who disliked many aspects of European integration - was that the European Union had a dreadful economic tale to tell this century, writes Denis MacShane.

  • UK MPs to get vote on final withdrawal deal, Brexit to go ahead regardless of outcome

    News | Brexit 14-11-2017

    The British government will offer parliament a take-it-or-leave vote on any final EU departure agreement, Brexit Secretary David Davis announced Monday (13 November).

  • UK no closer to revealing Brexit bill offer

    News | Brexit 13-11-2017

    Britain will not offer a figure or a formula for how much it believes it owes the European Union, Brexit minister David Davis said on Sunday (12 November), after the EU demanded that London spell out its approach to the final bill to unblock talks.