About: United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris

Climate change 09-11-2015

‘Life on planet at stake’, France warns as climate ministers meet

France's top diplomat, who will preside over December's Paris summit tasked with signing a climate rescue pact, has warned of looming planetary "catastrophe" if negotiations fail.
Energy 03-11-2015

Europe must support Polish decarbonisation

A Polish transition to a modern, prosperous, clean economy is dependent on action at European-level, writes Anna Dubowik.
Climate change 22-10-2015

One month to COP21, nations cannot agree on meaning of decarbonisation

A pivotal question has split world powers along unfamiliar lines as they haggle over how to avert catastrophic global warming: Should they set a goal of entirely eliminating carbon-belching industries?
Elections 14-10-2015

Expected Polish election winner urges EU climate deal renegotiation

The likely winner of Poland's 25 October parliamentary election called yesterday (13 October) for a renegotiation of a climate deal agreed last year by the European Union, saying the country needed more coal-based power stations.
Development Policy 30-09-2015

African nations and donors agree on plan to protect Congo forests

Six African nations have agreed with donors on a plan to protect the tropical forests of the Congo basin, the second biggest in the world, after the Amazon's, to help ease poverty and combat climate change.
Development Policy 04-09-2015

Kiribati calls for strong statement from Pacific against climate change

Kiribati President Anote Tong urged the Pacific Islands Development Forum, which meets in Fiji this week, to issue a strong joint statement demanding that the world powers take action to halt climate change, local media reported Thursday (3 September).
Climate change 19-05-2015

Merkel and Hollande push for ‘ambitious’ climate deal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande jointly pledged Tuesday to do their utmost to ensure an "ambitious" UN deal to combat climate change is reached this year.

World Bank advocates long term thinking on climate change

Switching to a zero-carbon economy is more than just a dream, according to the World Bank. But costs will be high for countries that fail to act quickly. EURACTIV France reports

Paris to host COP 21 dry run

The international climate negotiations will gain momentum this week with an informal meeting in Paris. The EU and Norway hope to inspire negotiators with greater ambition. EURACTIV France reports

Private sector to chip in for COP 21

Big business will pick up part of the bill for the Paris climate conference in December, a revelation greeted with scepticism by NGOs. EURACTIV France reports
Development Policy 22-04-2015

Germany pushes climate insurance for developing countries

Catastrophic droughts, floods and heatwaves: climate change is making environmental disasters increasingly common. Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks wants the G7 to look at insurance policies as an alternative to traditional development aid. EURACTIV Germany reports
Development Policy 26-03-2015

Maldives: Many islands will disappear, despite COP 21 agreement

Abdullahi Majeed, the Maldives' Minister of State for Environment & Energy, fears that many island states will be wiped off the map, even if an ambitious agreement is reached at COP 21. EURACTIV France reports
Development Policy 20-03-2015

Natural disaster reduction agreement a ‘disappointment’

International negotiations on disaster risk reduction ended on Wednesday 18 March with a disappointing agreement, despite the recent drama in Vanuatu. Some have seen this as a bad omen for this year's UN climate negotiations. EURACTIV France reports

COP 21 national contributions behind schedule, France warns

The countries involved in the COP 21 climate negotiations in Paris this year are running late with the submission of their national plans, which are due by the end of March. France has forced the subject onto the EU summit agenda this week to encourage its European partners to prod the late-comers into action. EURACTIV France reports
Development Policy 13-03-2015

NGOs worried by ‘financialisation’ of development

With three major milestones just around the corner, many NGOs are urging greater caution in the use of private finance in development aid policies. EURACTIV France reports
Development Policy 05-03-2015

France helps Fiji with COP 21 contribution

The world’s poorest countries will have access to financial aid from several donors, including France, to help them implement projects to cut their greenhouse gas emissions. The EU is encouraging other member states to participate, ahead of the Paris Climate Conference in December 2015. EURACTIV France reports
Energy 24-02-2015

EU will push for 60% cut in global emissions by 2050

European Union leaders want to enshrine in international law a goal to cut global emissions by 60% by 2050, according to a draft document that puts the bloc on a collision course with the biggest polluters.

Paris: Don’t leave out planes and ships

There are ?a number of possible solutions to reduce emissions in the aviation and shipping sector. But the relevant UN bodies should identify an emission reduction pathway, and ensure that any measures adopted are done so in a fair and equitable way, writes Bill Hemmings.
EU Priorities 2020 09-02-2015

COP 21 negotiations kick off in Geneva

The representatives of over 190 countries met in Geneva on Sunday (8 February) to continue talks on a UN-level agreement to tackle climate change. This marathon of international negotiations will be wrapped up at the Paris Climate Conference in December. EURACTIV France reports

Can Europe get over its renewable energy midlife crisis?

Barak Obama did not come back from his Indian state visit with an ambitious climate policy deal similar to the one he brought back from China in November last year. Many might be disappointed, writes Julian Popov.
Development Policy 29-01-2015

Climate finance eclipsed by fossil fuel subsidies

The successful conclusion of a global agreement at the Paris Climate Conference depends heavily on the mobilisation of finance for the fight against climate change. So far, international fundraising efforts have lacked intensity. EURACTIV France reports
Development Policy 29-01-2015

Climate negotiations reveal new alliances in the Global South

The economic divides between developing countries are widening. In order to defend their interests at the climate negotiations, large emerging economies, small island states and the less advanced countries are forming alliances based on common concerns. EURACTIV France reports.
Climate change 28-01-2015

Laurence Tubiana: ‘EU-China climate agreement is conceivable’

Climate change specialist Laurence Tubiana is the negotiator representing France at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference. She took the time to share her views on of the discussions between the world's biggest CO2 emitters with EURACTIV France.

Carbon pricing: a challenge for the future

SPECIAL REPORT: The concept of carbon pricing as a tool to combat climate change is broadly accepted by the international community. But at what price, and under what conditions? As the world looks for ways to cut CO2 emissions, many questions remain unanswered. EURACTIV France reports.