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Broadband internet access will become a legal right under new EU telecoms rules

The European Commission is setting itself up for a fight with national governments by forcing them to pay for guaranteed internet access across the EU and comply with new rules on radio spectrum sales, according to an internal document obtained by EURACTIV.com.
Digital & Media 03-03-2010

EU asks who will pay for high-speed Internet

The EU plans to revise rules governing access to the Internet and telephones throughout the bloc. Yesterday (2 March) the European Commission launched a consultation asking whether money for wider broadband coverage should come from the public purse or from industry coffers.
Transport 28-07-2008

France seeks financing solution for universal mail service

With new EU rules requiring national postal operators to give up lucrative lingering monopolies by 2011, France is looking for new funding mechanisms to ensure that even citizens in its remotest areas continue to receive an affordable, six-days-a-week service, EURACTIV.fr reports.
Transport 14-11-2007

Interview: EU must focus on financing universal postal service

As rules on liberalising Europe's postal markets look to be adopted in the New Year, Pál Szabó, CEO of Hungary's Magyar Posta, points to a number of "bad experiences" in countries that have already opened up their postal markets to competition and stresses the need for a "sustainable financing solution" to allow operators to continue providing citizens with quality mail delivery.
Transport 28-09-2007

Interview: Portugal eyes end to ‘mail battle’

Mário Lino, Portugal's minister in charge of postal affairs, has spoken to EURACTIV about his hopes of clinching a political agreement on the sensitive subject of opening up national mail services to full competition, at a meeting of EU transport and communications ministers next week.
Transport 10-07-2007

Postal reform comes under Parliament scrutiny

The European Parliament will, on 10 July 2007, vote on controversial plans to open up European postal markets to competition – a move feared by trade unions and lingering national monopolies, but which the Commission says is essential for the survival of the sector and will make services cheaper, faster and more innovative.
Transport 19-06-2007

MEPs agree two-year mail-reform delay

Members of Parliament’s transport committee overwhelmingly voted in favour of delaying the liberalisation of Europe's postal markets to 2011, in a move that will displease Internal Market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy.
Brexit 15-02-2002

Council formally adopts telecoms package

On 14 February the Council formally adopted the agreement on the telecoms package reached in December 2001. Member States now have 15 months to implement this package into their national laws.
Digital & Media 10-07-2001

European Satellite Operators Association launched

European satellite operators launch association at plenary meeting of EU Satellite Action Plan