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Road safety 23-02-2017

Lisbon, Malmö and Skopje announced as sustainable mobility city finalists

Cities from Portugal, Sweden and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia have made it through to become finalists for the European Mobility Award 2016.
Transport 20-09-2013

EU public transport could learn from Bogotá, road lobby suggests

SPECIAL REPORT / The road transport lobby is casting admiring glances at Bogotá’s rapid bus transit system as it looks to vastly increase the number of people using public transport in the EU by 2025.
Regional Policy 23-12-2010

Belgium makes place for urban enterprises

The city of Liège in the south-east of Belgium is making place for small businesses to grow their activities as part of a long-term strategy to revive the economic life of urban areas, using money from the EU.
Regional Policy 11-10-2010

Parliament demands ‘result-oriented’ regional policy

Echoing Regional Policy Commissioner Johannes Hahn, the European Parliament said the EU should take steps to ensure that regional policy is more results-oriented so that EU funds are spent more efficiently and effectively, with a clear focus on supporting sustainable economic growth, especially in urban areas.

‘Talent, technology and tolerance’ key to attracting creative workers

A leading thinker on creativity believes attracting talented people is the driving force behind successful cities. In an interview with EURACTIV, Richard Florida, author of 'The Rise of the Creative Class', said European countries are battling to attract and retain innovative people.

EU audit shows big disparities in quality of city life

The results of an urban audit measuring everything from housing and health to crime, climate and the recycling of waste reveal large disparities in the quality of urban life across Europe and indicate possible priorities for future EU cohesion policy funding.
Sports 24-07-2007

WHO: Urban planning should promote active lifestyle

As obesity rates in Europe increase, the World Health Organization (WHO) deplores that only a few residential environment currently meet the recommended criteria to promote an active lifestyle.
Climate change 13-06-2007

Cities ‘key’ to solving world’s environmental woes

With 80% of Europeans living in urban areas, cities hold the key to sustainable development, said Commissioner Margot Wallström, outlining her "vision" for sustainable cities at the opening session of Brussels’ Green Week event.

EU ministers outline ‘European City’ ideal

The Leipzig Charter on Sustainable European Cities, signed by European ministers on 24 May, lays the foundation for a new integrated urban policy in Europe, focusing on helping cities tackle problems of social exclusion, structural change, ageing, climate change and mobility.

Interview: ‘EU not doing enough on public transport’

MEP Gyula Hegyi, who has drafted a Parliament Report on the EU urban environment strategy, says in an interview with EURACTIV that improving mobility should be cities' number-one priority and that the EU must do more to encourage this. 
Transport 23-04-2007

Barrot eyes congestion-charging as urban-mobility solution

The transport commissioner may propose a European legal framework that would give cities the possibility of introducing congestion charging schemes similar to London's – a move previously forbidden in some member states.

‘Cities key to tackling poverty, climate change’ – report

Half the Earth’s population will live in urban areas by next year, making cities key in the climate change battle, according to the 2007 State of the World Report by Worldwatch.
Climate change 27-11-2006

Report: ‘EU needs effective urban-planning policy’

Many environmental problems are caused by the rapid expansion of urban areas, according to a new report on "urban sprawl" published by the European Environment Agency on 24 November.