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MEP Beaupuy: EU efforts to limit urban sprawl ‘non-existent’

French Liberal Democrat MEP Jean Marie Beaupuy, Chair of Parliament's Intergroup on Urban Housing, spoke with EURACTIV on 17 October during a seminar organised by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) on the issue of urban sprawl in Europe.  Jean Marie Beaupuy is a member of the Alliance of Liberal Democrats (ALDE) in the European Parliament.
Transport 19-09-2007

Urban Transport

In September 2007, the Commission presented the outlines of a new 'urban strategy', which lays out a large range of potential solutions and areas where the EU could take action in order to tackle the growing congestion, pollution and safety problems in Europe's cities.
Transport 05-03-2007

Mobility stakeholders urge more EU funds for public transport

The EU can contribute to improving urban mobility through harmonisation, research and benchmarking, but re-directing investment and citizens' mindsets towards public transport will also be critical, according to urban-mobility actors.
Transport 31-01-2007

Work begins to solve Europe’s urban-mobility woes

As the Commission opens the first stages of its public consultation on urban transport, public-transport workers and operators are calling for more than a simple benchmarking exercise.
Climate change 16-01-2006

Low level of ambition for EU ‘green cities’ strategy

A new Commission strategy to make urban areas greener focuses on better implementation of existing EU environmental policies but proposes little in terms of new initiatives.