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Digital & Media 08-04-2019

Artificial Intelligence presents ‘black swan’ ethical issues, Commission report says

A series of 'critical concerns' in the development of Artificial Intelligence may have future unforeseen "high-impact" ramifications, a European Commission-led project has suggested.
Digital & Media 24-03-2014

Common European Sales Law faces rocky reception

Despite strong backing from the European Parliament, proposals for a Common European Sales Law (CESL) are likely to be bogged down in the European Council, due to opposition from a majority of member states, including the UK, France and Germany.
Health 25-02-2014

EU sales law is against the interest of consumers and online traders

The draft regulation on a common European sales law (CESL), which is up for a vote in the European Parliament, is against the interest of consumers and online traders, writes Ursula Pachl.
Trade & Society 17-07-2013

Proposed sales law is too confusing for consumers

Attempts to introduce a Common European Sales Law are designed to boost cross-border trade. But Ursula  Pachl, the deputy director-general of the European consumer group BEUC, argues that there is no evidence that the new law would achieve this and urges the Parliament – which will consider the proposal this autumn – to reject it.
Health 13-01-2011

BEUC: EU ‘lacks clear vision’ on consumer rights

Brussels lacks a "clear vision or strategy" on consumer rights legislation, Ursula Pachl, deputy director-general of European consumer group BEUC, told EURACTIV in an interview.