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Energy 19-05-2022

Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and Belgium sign €135 billion offshore wind pact

Heads of government from the North Sea countries gathered in Esbjerg to sign a cooperation agreement on offshore wind development and “green” hydrogen. They will target at least 65 GW by 2030 and 150 GW by 2050.
Economy & Jobs 19-05-2022

EU Commission proposes Ukraine reconstruction platform

Along with a €9 billion increase in short-term budgetary aid to the Ukrainian government, the European Commission proposed on Wednesday (18 May) setting up a reconstruction platform for Ukraine to help with the massive financing needs of rebuilding the country.
Europe's East 19-05-2022

G7 finance ministers to thrash out Ukraine aid plan

G7 partners meet Thursday (19 May) hoping to find a solution for Kyiv's budget troubles as the fallout from Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues to roil the global economy.

EU urges building insulation push in bid to end reliance on Russian gas

The European Commission’s plan to eliminate Russian energy imports by 2027 features a strong focus on energy efficiency. For the energy intensive buildings sectors, this means yet another push to insulate homes fast.
Global Europe 12-05-2022

Russia ‘most direct threat to world order’, von der Leyen says at EU-Japan summit

Russia is the "most direct threat" to the international order because of its invasion of Ukraine, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said Thursday (12 May) in Tokyo.
Future EU 10-05-2022

European politicians want citizen panels to be used at EU level

The Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) ended on Monday (9 May), but a group of politicians want citizens' forums that were at its heart to become a permanent practice at the EU level. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Future EU 09-05-2022

Von der Leyen hints at support for EU treaty change

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen hinted that she might support changes to EU treaties, should it be necessary to implement the recommendations of citizen panels from the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE).
Future EU 09-05-2022

Ukraine war puts EU ‘at crossroads’ on anniversary

As the EU poises to mark its anniversary on Monday (9 May), it is morphing into a more muscular global actor, a transformation accelerated by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Global Europe 05-05-2022

Russian ceasefire to begin at besieged Mariupol steel plant

A Russian-announced ceasefire was due to begin Thursday (5 May) at the besieged steel plant in the devastated Ukrainian city of Mariupol, to allow civilians to flee even as its defenders vowed to fight to the end.
Energy 28-04-2022

Von der Leyen defies Russia’s gas ‘blackmail’, vows EU unity with Poland and Bulgaria

The European Union has warned Russia it will not bend to "blackmail" over its support for Kyiv after the Kremlin cut off gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland. The two countries are now supplied from their EU neighbours.
Europe's East 28-04-2022

EU to suspend tariffs on Ukraine imports for one year, Kyiv grateful

The European Commission proposed on Wednesday (27 April) a one-year suspension of import duties on all Ukrainian goods not covered by an existing free trade deal to help the country's economy during the war with Russia.
Global Europe 27-04-2022

Bulgaria slams Russia for ‘gas blackmail’, will not halt Serbia deliveries

Russian energy giant Gazprom halted gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria on Wednesday (27 April) citing their failure to pay for gas in roubles, in the Kremlin's toughest response yet to the crippling sanctions imposed by the West for its invasion of Ukraine.
EU-India 26-04-2022

In Delhi, Von der Leyen warns of Ukraine war impact on Indo-Pacific

Russia and China’s unrestrained partnership is increasingly becoming a threat to the Indo-Pacific region, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Monday (25 April), in reference to the geopolitical fallout of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. “Countries battered by...
Europe's East 18-04-2022

Ukraine completes questionnaire for EU membership – official

Ukraine has completed a questionnaire that will form a starting point for the European Union to decide on membership for Kyiv, Ihor Zhovkva, deputy head of President Volodymyr Zelenskiy's office, said.
Europe's East 10-04-2022

Civilians flee east Ukraine as Kyiv readies for Donbas battle

Ukraine is preparing for "big battles" against Moscow's forces in the east of the country, officials in Kyiv said, as thousands of civilians flee in fear of an imminent Russian offensive.
Global Europe 08-04-2022

EU accuses Russia of train attack as von der Leyen, Borrell head to Kyiv

The EU accused Russia of a deadly attack on a train station in eastern Ukraine on Friday (8 April)  as European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen headed to Kyiv.
Europe's East 05-04-2022

Next EU sanctions against Russia to target coal imports, shipping and road transport

A set of sweeping new sanctions against Russia, including banning imports of coal, was proposed by the European Commission on Tuesday (5 April) in a first attempt at curbing Moscow’s energy exports. The proposal will be considered by EU member...
Agrifood 26-03-2022

Food security is back on EU leaders’ menu with a global flavour

With global pledges and initiatives to be implemented in the next few years, this week's back-to-back NATO and European Council summits marked the return of food production as a tool of humanitarian assistance and geopolitical stabilisation.
Global Europe 24-03-2022

Biden arrives in Europe for triple summits on Ukraine

US President Joe Biden arrived in Brussels as NATO, G7 and EU summits on Thursday (24 March) are set to discuss how to respond to Russia's continuing war in Ukraine.
Coronavirus 17-03-2022

New challenges ahead as provisional compromise on IP waivers is reached in WTO

News of a provisional compromise to waive intellectual property rights for COVID-19 vaccines between the EU, USA, India and South Africa in the World Trade Organisation (WTO), leaves out treatments for COVID-19.

With war at its doorstep, EU agrees to move on defence

Drawing quick lessons from Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine, EU leaders agreed on Friday (11 March) to collectively "resolutely bolster investment" in defence capabilities and "substantially increase" defence spending across the bloc.
Europe's East 01-03-2022

Ukraine requests EU membership under fast-track procedure

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Monday (28 February) submitted an official request to allow his country to gain ‘immediate’ membership under a special fast-track procedure as it defends itself from a Russian invasion. “We ask the European Union for Ukraine’s...
Disinformation 01-03-2022

Brussels looks to ban RT, Sputnik from EU over Ukraine disinformation concerns

The European Commission is seeking the "best legal way" to ban pro-Russian media outlets RT and Sputnik to stop their "toxic and harmful disinformation in Europe" following Commission President Ursula von der Leyen's pledge to ban them on Sunday (27 February).
Europe's East 28-02-2022

EU breaks ‘taboo’ to finance purchase and delivery of weapons to Ukraine

In a 'watershed moment' for its defence policy, the EU on Sunday (28 February) agreed to unblock some €500 million for members states to buy arms for Ukraine's armed forces, hoping to stop Russia's invasion.