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Climate change 20-01-2021

Competition or cooperation? EU, US enter new era of climate diplomacy

As Joe Biden takes the reins of a tumultuous America, analysts have tempered expectations about the ability of the new US administration to closely align with Europe on climate change.
Politics 04-03-2019

US returns diplomatic status of EU representative in Washington

After downgrading the EU's diplomatic status last year, the US administration on Monday (4 March) said it had returned the EU representative in Washington back to the status of a national ambassador.
Economy & Jobs 16-03-2018

OECD report stokes last-minute criticism of EU digital tax plan

The OECD warned on Friday (16 March) against the European Commission’s plan to propose a new tax next week targeting digital companies, arguing that it may cause economic distortion and raise business costs.
Global Europe 04-07-2017

US no longer a ‘friend’ in Merkel election programme

In their campaign programme for the German election, Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives have dropped the term "friend" in describing the relationship with the United States.
Defence policy 24-02-2017

Trump suddenly likes the EU?

Donald Trump expressed support for the European Union on Thursday (23 February), which is surprising against the background previous remarks.
Central Asia 09-05-2014

US advises Ukraine ahead of winter gas subsidy cuts

Ukraine’s generous energy subsidies could be cut before winter as part of the international effort to wean the crisis-hit country off Russian gas and introduce economic reforms, a high-ranking US State Department official has said (8 May).
Global Europe 03-01-2012

Republicans engage in Europe-bashing before Iowa scrum

Battling for attention ahead of their first election showdown, leading Republican presidential candidates have taken turns accusing one another and President Barack Obama of 'European socialism' and opposing further US financial help for the struggling eurozone.

EU Parliament set to ‘re-open’ visa deal with US

The prospect of a swift ratification of the Lisbon Treaty following the Irish 'yes' last weekend will allow the European Parliament to re-open sensitive dossiers, including bilateral agreements on visa waivers with the United States that involve the transfer of personal data.
EU Priorities 2020 17-12-2008

Czechs to widen EU-US summit to more nations

Outlining some of the main priorities of the incoming Czech EU Presidency, Milena Vicenova, the Czech ambassador to the bloc in Brussels, said her country would seek to hold an "informal summit" with the US in Prague, involving the leaders of the bloc's 27 member states in a departure from the usual European 'troika' format of delegations.
Public Affairs 29-10-2008

Interview: Finance, climate to boost ‘EU-US cooperation’

The ongoing financial turmoil and cooperation on climate change will shape relations between the EU and the US after the 4 November presidential elections, argues Tom Spencer, the executive director of the European Centre for Public Affairs, in an interview with EURACTIV.
Security 28-06-2006

EU countries urged to scrutinise secret services

Commissioner Frattini supports the Council of Europe's (CoE) appeal to its member states to better respect the fundamental rights of suspects and control secret services in the fight against terrorism.
Security 27-06-2006

Belgian authorities knew of US scouring EU financial data

The Belgian National Bank and the country's Finance Minister Didier Reynders knew of an agreement under which SWIFT, the company operating cross-border payments in the EU and elsewhere, forwarded data to the CIA.
Trade & Society 04-10-2005

EU pledges to end trade in small arms

The project for an international Treaty on Arms Trade, which aims to outlaw the trade in small arms such as rifles, pistols, machine guns and grenades, has won official EU support.
Security 09-12-2004

We’re reaching out to Europe, says Powell

Before meeting with his NATO counterparts on 9 December, outgoing US Secretary of State Colin Powell has called on the EU and US to heal their divisions.
Security 22-11-2004

US, Germany and France in deal on Iraq debt

Eighty per cent of Iraq's foreign debt is set to be written off under a deal between US, France and Germany. The move signals a more pragmatic European approach to Iraq.  
Security 17-11-2004

Rice nomination met with measured enthusiasm

The nomination of Condoleezza Rice as US secretary of state and the departure of Colin Powell gives room for little rejoicing in the European press.   

Powell promises aggressive foreign policy

US Secretary of State Colin Powell wants to reach out to the international community. The foreign policy of 'Bush 2', will, however be a "continuation of his principles, his policies, his beliefs".