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Climate change 20-01-2021

Competition or cooperation? EU, US enter new era of climate diplomacy

As Joe Biden takes the reins of a tumultuous America, analysts have tempered expectations about the ability of the new US administration to closely align with Europe on climate change.
Aviation 13-08-2020

US maintain tariffs on Airbus, EU urged to respond

The US government said on Wednesday (12 August) it would maintain 15% tariffs on Airbus aircraft and 25% tariffs on other European goods, despite moves by the EU to resolve a long-standing dispute over aircraft subsidies.
Economy & Jobs 18-03-2020

Amid COVID-19 recession concerns, US aircraft tariffs come into effect

The Trump administration enacted its planned duty rate increase for aircraft imported from the EU on Wednesday (18 March), amid the continuing spread of COVID-19 and fears of a subsequent recession. These measures will increase the rate from 10 to 15%, particularly impacting Airbus.
Economy & Jobs 20-03-2019

Transatlantic economy faces adverse conditions and slower growth in EU

The transatlantic economy of the US and the EU has been increasingly stressed by potential tariffs on imports and changes in global stability, according to a new report by the American Chamber of Commerce to the EU, released on Wednesday...
Global Europe 09-03-2017

Joseph Quinlan on the 2017 Transatlantic Economy

Joseph Quinlan, a senior fellow for Center for Transatlantic Relations at Johns Hopkins, spoke to EURACTIV.com about the 2017 Transatlantic Economy report Thursday (9 March).
US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker
Digital & Media 05-08-2015

Europe’s DSM is an opportunity for growth on both sides of the Atlantic

The US government and American tech companies are watching EU policies to make sure the Digital Single Market strengthens EU-US business relations, writes Penny Pritzker.
Simon Lester
Digital & Media 23-07-2014

Should the ‘right to be forgotten’ be reviewed by an international court?

The questions surrounding the investor-state dispute settlement are not about "corporate profits" or "promoting foreign investment", but about the role of international courts in global governance, writes Simon Lester.
Global Europe 21-03-2013

White House clears way for start of trade talks with EU

The White House on Wednesday (20 March) formally notified Congress of its plans to begin trade talks with the European Union, an effort to leverage the world's largest trade and investment relationship to create new economic growth.
Global Europe 20-03-2013

France draws red lines for EU-US free trade negotiations

Food safety, GMO cultivation and France’s cherished “cultural exception” for audiovisual services are non-negotiable areas in view of upcoming EU-US free trade talks, the French stressed. The message was apparently well received by the European Commission in Brussels.
Trade & Society 13-02-2013

EU, US clear way for game-changing trade deal

Leaders on both sides of the Atlantic have given the green light to start negotiations for a free trade agreement establishing the largest economic alliance in the world, which already accounts for some €455bn in trade and millions of jobs.
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Global Europe 13-02-2013

Obama calls for US-EU free trade agreement

US President Barack Obama has called for talks on a far-reaching free trade deal with the European Union. Delivering his annual 'State of the Union' speech in the US Congress on Tuesday, Obama supported a bilateral agreement that would encompass half the world's economic output.
Global Europe 13-02-2013

Obama calls for start of ‘comprehensive’ trade talks with EU

President Barack Obama on Tuesday (12 February) called for talks on a far-reaching free trade agreement with the European Union, throwing his weight behind a deal that would encompass half the world's economic output.
Global Europe 05-02-2013

In move towards trade talks, EU to lift ban on some US meats

The European Union dropped its ban on some US meat imports on Monday (4 February) in a gesture aimed at starting talks on a free-trade pact that would encompass about half the world's economic output.
Global Europe 10-01-2013

High-level group to give green light for EU-US trade deal

The high-level working group on growth and jobs, set up at the last EU-US summit in November 2011, will give the go-ahead to launch negotiations for a transatlantic trade agreement, said Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the EU.
Transport 26-09-2012

EU: Boeing still benefits from subsidies

American aircraft manufacturer Boeing is still getting US subsidies despite Washington's claim to have stopped the handouts, the European Union said yesterday (25 September) in the latest round of the world's biggest trade dispute.

US businesses call for ‘IQ alliance’ with Europe

The American Chamber of Commerce to the EU is calling for simpler visa procedures to make it easier for scientists and researchers to move between Europe and the United States, in response to competition from emerging economies such as China and India.
Trade & Society 01-10-2010

America embraces trade discrimination

Multilateral liberalisation would be more effective in reducing trade discrimination than preferential free trade agreements, write Jagdish Bhagwati, professor of economics and law at Columbia University and senior fellow in international economics at the Council on Foreign Relations and Arvind Panagariya, professor of economics and Indian political economy at Columbia University.
Trade & Society 23-03-2010

EU wants US to jump-start Doha trade talks

The European Union cannot make more concessions on farm trade to restart stalled world trade talks and the United States must make the first move, the EU's new trade chief said on Monday (22 March).
Trade & Society 20-01-2010

US aims to boost export-led jobs in SMEs

US Trade Representative Ron Kirk welcomed a new report on Tuesday (19 January) he said showed the potential to create well-paying American jobs by encouraging more small and medium-sized US companies to export, eyeing the EU model.
Trade & Society 04-02-2009

Obama backs down on ‘Buy American’ clause

A new transatlantic trade war seems unlikely at present, with US President Barack Obama saying yesterday (3 February) that he did not want to introduce measures to the American stimulus bill that would violate WTO rules.
Public Affairs 30-10-2008

Businesses fear EU-US regulatory frenzy after election

EU consumer groups are calling for transatlantic product standards legislation to be better enforced. But business representatives warn that regulatory cooperation is "not always very good" for industry.
Digital & Media 15-09-2008

EU seeks to dodge IT row with trade pact overhaul

The EU will present plans to re-negotiate a multilateral agreement on trade in information technology (IT) products amid accusations that it is imposing excessive tariffs on imported high-tech goods such as flatscreen TVs and multifunctional printers.
EU Priorities 2020 27-08-2008

Sharing a vision of the ‘New Europe’

"The vocation of Europe in the course of the 21st century is to become the lever of step-by-step intercontinental convergence and unification," writes former Belgian Prime Minister Mark Eyskens in an August paper for Europe's World, claiming that one must look to the future "to understand Europe's current choices".
Digital & Media 30-05-2008

EU-US trade row erupts over IT products

After months of silent scramble, a battle between the EU and the US on IT customs tariffs erupted after Washington decided to file a formal complaint to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) against European duties on certain high tech goods, including flat-screen TVs and multifunctional printers.