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Security 12-07-2004

Barnier advocates new EU-US cooperation Treaty

French Foreign Affairs Minister Michel Barnier wants Europe to become a world power on an equal footing with the US. He suggests a new Treaty to define security co-operation.
Security 25-03-2004

Roots of terrorism did not get enough attention, says top level US diplomat

For a long time the US only saw the Middle East as a source of energy, says James Foster, deputy chief of the US mission to the EU. He sees the Madrid bombings as a "sea change" in the EU's attitude to co-operation on terrorism.
Trade & Society 01-03-2004

EU goes ahead with massive trade sanctions on US

The EU has imposed trade sanctions worth 4 bn US dollars (around 3.2 bn euros) on a range of US products. The dispute relates to illegal tax breaks benefiting US corporations.
Enlargement 25-06-2003

Future members agree to comply with EU position on International Criminal Court

The 10 future Member States and two associated countries have agreed to put their national policies in line with the EU's position on the International Criminal Court.
Future EU 22-05-2003

Greek Presidency suggests to invite US Congressmen to future EU debate

Greek Foreign Minister George Papandreou has suggested to invite members of the US Congress to participate in the debate on the reform of EU institutions, as well as on EU defence and foreign policy plans.
Security 09-05-2003

Romania and Bulgaria ready to welcome US military bases

Romania and Bulgaria have said they would welcome US military bases when they join Nato in 2004.
Security 24-04-2003

France to “face consequences” over behaviour in Iraq crisis, US says

US Secretary of State Colin Powell says France will feel the consequences of having stood against the American view in the Security Council over the Iraq crisis.
Security 08-11-2002

UN Security Council unanimously agrees to return UN weapons inspectors to Iraq

On 8 November the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a Resolution on Iraq giving the UN weapons inspectors "immediate, unimpeded and unconditional" rights to search anywhere for weapons.
Health 22-10-2002

Presidential act eases access to generic medicines in the US

As European parliamentarians are preparing to vote in first reading on the Pharma Review package, the US President has eased access to generic drugs.
Security 01-10-2002

EU agrees to ICC immunity deal with the US

The EU Foreign Ministers agreed on 30 September that Member States can conclude bilateral agreements with the United States to give American officials and soldiers immunity from the International Criminal Court.
Security 24-09-2002

Iraq: Blair presents evidence, Baghdad denies

The British Government has released an intelligence report accusing Iraq of building nuclear, chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction.
Enlargement 16-09-2002

EU and US agree on more co-operation in fight against terrorism

The EU and US Justice Ministers have agreed to increase co-operation in fight against terrorism, including sharing information on ongoing operations.
Security 10-09-2002

UK think tank says Iraq could have nuclear weapons within months

An independent British think tank, the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), says Iraq could build such a weapon within a matter of months if it were able to obtain the necessary radioactive materials. The IISS report, released on 9 September, also concludes Iraq probably has large stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, as well as a small number of long-range missiles.

EU and US split on military action against Iraq

US President George Bush has so far failed to win support of his European allies for a possible military action to oust the Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.
Security 05-09-2002

EU and US discuss agreement on judicial co-operation

The EU and the US are starting talks next week about increasing judicial cooperation in criminal matters, in particular extradition.

EU could offer US limited deals on International Criminal Court

EU legal experts meeting in Brussels on 4 September stated that the Union cannot guarantee the US blanket immunity from prosecution before the International Criminal Court. They did, however, begin to formulate a common compromise.

Immunity agreements with the US against international law, says Amnesty International

Amnesty International has called on governments to refuse to sign agreements which would give impunity to US nationals should they be accused of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. Such agreements would undermine the International Criminal Court and violate the signatory countries' obligations under international law, says a report released by Amnesty International on 3 September.

Britain proposes compromise for EU-US agreement on International Criminal Court

The British Government has proposed a compromise to other EU Member States for an agreement on the International Criminal Court with the US.

Growing EU-US rift over the International Court

The Bush administration has warned the EU that the US role in NATO will change if the Union refuses the US request for agreements to give Americans immunity from the new International Criminal Court.
Enlargement 22-08-2002

Candidate countries torn by EU-US dispute over international court

The Central and Eastern European candidate countries have come under pressure from the US to give American peacekeepers immunity from the International Criminal Court. While Washington is using military aid and its consent to NATO enlargement as leverage, the EU has warned the candidates not to sign any agreements with the US before the EU has taken its position on the issue.
Trade & Society 22-05-2002

US President to be met by demonstrators in Europe

The US President, George W. Bush, will be met by German demonstrators when he arrives to Berlin on 22 May for a six-day visit to Europe.
Trade & Society 14-05-2002

US President signs controversial farm bill

The US President George Bush has signed a controversial new farm bill that will boost agriculture spending by 70 percent over the next 10 years and increase subsidies to US farmers.
Trade & Society 09-05-2002

EU concerned with US farm subsidies

EU policy makers and farmers organisations have expressed concerns that the new US Farm Bill will endanger WTO trade liberalisation talks on agriculture.

EU citizens critical of US Middle East Policy

Europeans are critical of US President George Bush's Middle East policy, according to a poll by the Pew Research Center, conducted in Britain, France, Germany and Italy.

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