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  • EU plans for post-Taliban Afghanistan

    News | Security 09-10-2001

    The EU foreign ministers called on the United
    Nations to set up a new, truly representative transitional
    government in Afghanistan. Britain, France and Germany put
    forward their own proposals for the future of war-torn
    Afghanistan, oppressed by the Taliban regime.

  • Geopolitical issues of the US attack on Afghanistan

    News | Security 09-10-2001

    The US has launched a second round of airstrikes
    against Afghan targets on Monday 8 October. In Europe, some
    political commentators are expressing doubts about the
    effectiveness and the geopolitical opportunity of the American
    "war on terrorism"

  • Attacks on Afghanistan: EU reactions

    News | Security 08-10-2001

    The US has launched retaliatory attacks against
    the Afghan Taliban on Sunday 7 October. Commission President
    Prodi and several EU leaders expressed their support for the
    fight against terrorism, but stated that this "fight is not
    against religions or peoples".

  • US calls on NATO allies

    News | Security 04-10-2001

    The US made a formal request to NATO on 3 October for the use of a number of NATO assets, including surveillance aircraft, ports, military bases and air space. The request was made by the US ambassador to NATO, Nicholas Burns, the day after NATO had invoked Article 5 of its treaty relating to the mutual defence of its members. The US has also made a number of separate, bilateral requests for military assistance from countries such as France.

  • Putin draws closer to EU and NATO

    News | Security 04-10-2001

    The improvement in EU-Russia relations that has occurred since the terrorist attacks in the US on 11 September continued yesterday during President Putin's visit to Brussels. His support for the international campaign against terrorism brought him further dividends as the EU promised to work to speed up Russia's entry to the WTO. Mr Putin also appeared to soften his stance on NATO enlargement to the Baltic States at the same time as agreeing to co-operate more closely with the EU on security issues.

  • NATO invokes Article 5

    News | Security 03-10-2001

    NATO has formally invoked its mutual defence clause after receiving "clear and compelling" evidence from the United States that Osama Bin Laden's Al-Qaida terrorist network was behind the 11 September attacks in the US. This is the first time in NATO's history that the alliance reaffirms its founding principle that an attack upon one is an attack upon all.

  • Putin seeks EU understanding for Chechnya operations

    News | Med & South 02-10-2001

    The Russian President Vladimir Putin is visiting Belgium for meetings with EU and Nato leaders, with counter-terrorism measures likely to dominate the talks. The meetings are expected to strengthen economic ties, and are also seen as a move closer to the West for Russia.

  • EU tightens human trafficking laws

    News 28-09-2001

    EU justice ministers agreed a set of changes on 28 September that make it easier to prosecute criminals who are engaged in the trafficking of people for sexual exploitation. They agreed a common definition of human trafficking and a minimum jail sentence for this crime. A change to the articles of Europol relating to terrorism was also agreed at the meeting in response to the events of 11 September in the US.

  • Berlusconi undermines EU strategy to seek Muslim support

    News | Security 28-09-2001

    EU leaders have criticised Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi for implying that the world is heading for a clash between Western and Islamic civilisations. While undermining the EU's strategy to obtain the support of Islamic countries in a fight against international terrorism, Mr Berlusconi was also branded as racist by Islamic countries.

  • EU seeks Muslim allies against terrorism

    News | Security 26-09-2001

    The EU wants to persuade Muslim countries that their support for the international counter-terrorism coalition is key in order to disperse fears of a clash between Western and Islamic civilisations. The EU hopes that its diplomatic mission to the Middle East will also contribute to improving relations between Europe and Muslim countries.

  • CEPS takes stock of Europe’s post-11 September challenges

    News | Security 25-09-2001

    The Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) has published an analysis of the challenges that face Europe in a world changed irrevocably by the events of 11 September. The assessment details the key political, security and economic issues that must be addressed and aims to provide an analytical framework within which future developments can be placed.

  • Candidate countries endorse EU counter-terrorism measures

    News | Security 24-09-2001

    The 13 candidate countries for EU membership have all aligned themselves with the counter-terrorism conclusions of the extraordinary Europen Council of 21 September. The Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, whose country holds the EU Presidency, will inform the US President George Bush at their meeting this week of unanimous support of 28 European countries.