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Global Europe 23-05-2022

Erdogan’s NATO expansion roadblock will only harm Turkey

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan tends to shoot first and ask questions much later, and he is clearly making the same mistake once again with the NATO enlargement issue, writes Henri J. Barkey.
Global Europe 22-04-2022

Exxon Mobil may completely withdraw from Russia by 24 June

Exxon Mobil Corp is considering a complete withdrawal from Russia by 24 June, two sources familiar with the plans told Reuters on Thursday (21 April), following the US oil major's earlier decision to exit all operations in the country.
Global Europe 07-04-2022

US is targeting Putin’s daughters Katerina and Maria

The United States' latest round of sanctions on Russia includes two new targets: Russian President Vladimir Putin's two adult daughters, Katerina and Maria, who US officials believe are hiding Putin's wealth.
Global Europe 30-03-2022

Russian supply chains next in line for sanctions, US says

The United States and its allies plan new sanctions on more sectors of Russia's economy that are critical to sustaining its invasion of Ukraine, including military supply chains, Deputy US Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo said on Tuesday (29 March).
Global Europe 30-03-2022

US sends senior national security official to India to discuss Ukraine

President Joe Biden's deputy national security adviser for economics, Daleep Singh, will travel to New Delhi and meet government officials to discuss Russia's war against Ukraine and develop an economic framework for the Indo-Pacific, the White House said.
Global Europe 16-03-2022

US Senate unanimously condemns Putin as war criminal

The US Senate on Tuesday (15 March) unanimously passed a resolution condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin as a war criminal, a rare show of unity in the deeply divided Congress.
China 15-03-2022

US raises concerns about China aligning with Russia at ‘intense’ meeting

US national security adviser Jake Sullivan raised concerns about China's alignment with Russia in a meeting with a Chinese diplomat as Washington warned of the isolation and penalties Beijing will face if it helps Moscow in its invasion of Ukraine.
Global Europe 14-03-2022

US warns China against ‘backfilling’ sanction-hit Russia

Russia said on Sunday (13 March) that it was counting on China to help it withstand the blow to its economy from Western sanctions over the war in Ukraine, but the United States warned Beijing not to provide that lifeline.
Global Europe 11-03-2022

US steps up pressure on Russia over Ukraine invasion

US President Joe Biden on Friday will call for an end of normal trade relations with Russia and clear the way for increased tariffs on Russian imports as punishment for its invasion of Ukraine, people familiar with the matter said.
Europe's East 09-03-2022

Biden bans Russia oil imports to US, warns gasoline to rise further

US President Joe Biden imposed an immediate ban on Russian oil and other energy imports in retaliation for the invasion of Ukraine, amid strong support from American voters and lawmakers, even though the move will drive up US energy prices.
Global Europe 08-03-2022

Ukraine war on the brink of sparking world energy conflict

Fears of an energy war between Russia and the West grew on Tuesday after the United States pushed its allies to ban Russian oil imports as punishment for Moscow's invasion of Ukraine, where talks on humanitarian corridors made little progress.
Energy 23-02-2022

Could Nord Stream 2 still be resurrected?

The White House said the Nord Stream 2 is "not moving forward at this point in time" after steps by Germany to halt the gas pipeline project. But spokesperson Jen Psaki declined to say whether Germany's decision was reversible.
Global Europe 23-02-2022

US sanctions Russia for ‘beginning’ invasion of Ukraine

US President Joe Biden announced tough new sanctions on Russia for "beginning" an invasion of Ukraine but said there was still time to avoid war, even as Vladimir Putin signaled plans to send troops beyond Russia's borders.
Global Europe 21-02-2022

US plans to cut ties with targeted Russian banks if Ukraine is invaded

President Joe Biden's administration has prepared an initial package of sanctions against Russia that includes barring US financial institutions from processing transactions for major Russian banks, three people familiar with the matter said.
Global Europe 16-02-2022

Biden to Putin: Step back from the brink of war with Ukraine

US President Joe Biden made an impassioned appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin to step back from war with Ukraine, speaking starkly of the "needless death and destruction" Moscow could cause and international outrage Putin would face.
Enlargement 15-02-2022

EU should consider sanctions on Bosnian Serbs if crisis worsens, document says

The European Union should consider sanctions on Bosnia's autonomous Serb Republic (RS) and also withhold financial support if the Balkan country's crisis continues to worsen, according to an internal EU document seen by Reuters.
Global Europe 11-02-2022

Explainer: How a German ‘climate’ fund fought US sanctions against Nord Stream 2

A German politician set up a state-backed foundation with Russian energy company Gazprom last year to help Moscow avoid US sanctions on a pipeline due to carry Russian gas to Europe.

Court ruling says US Magnitsky Act cannot be applied in Bulgaria

Bulgaria found itself in a difficult situation after a local court ruled that the US Magnitsky Act, which sanctioned three high-profile Bulgarians in June 2021, cannot be applied in the country.
Global Europe 04-02-2022

US warns Chinese firms against helping Russia against potential Ukraine sanctions

The United States warned Chinese firms on Thursday (3 February) they would face consequences if they sought to evade any export controls imposed on Moscow in the event of Russia invading Ukraine.
Global Europe 26-01-2022

Biden warns Putin with personal sanctions as West steps up defences

US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday he would consider personal sanctions on President Vladimir Putin if Russia invades Ukraine, as Western leaders stepped up military preparations and made plans to shield Europe from a potential energy supply shock.
Ukraine 20-01-2022

White House tells chip industry to be ready for potential Russia export curbs

The White House told the US chip industry to be prepared for new restrictions on exports to Russia if Moscow attacks Ukraine, sources said, including potentially blocking the country's access to global electronic supplies.
Global Europe 14-01-2022

Cruz’s Nord Stream 2 sanctions bill fails in US Senate, Menendez tables alternative legislation

The US Senate on Thursday (13 January) failed to pass a bill to slap sanctions on Russia's Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline sponsored by Republican Senator Ted Cruz, a day after Democrats unveiled their own legislation.
Global Europe 13-01-2022

Biden imposes first sanctions over North Korea weapons program after missile tests

The Biden administration on Wednesday (12 January) imposed its first sanctions over North Korea's weapons programs following a series of North Korean missile launches, including two since last week.
Global Europe 11-01-2022

Biden administration calls in on Democrat senators ahead of Nord Stream 2 vote

Several Democratic US senators said late on Monday (10 January), after meeting with Biden administration officials, that they believe sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline backed by Republican Senator Ted Cruz could harm relations with Germany. Under Secretary of...