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  • EU agrees to impose common airspace safety rules

    News | Security 17-09-2001

    EU transport ministers have discussed the strengthening of security measures in European airports and on airplanes following the deadly terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. Hijacked passenger jets were used by Islamic extremists as "guided missiles" in attacks on the US, using nothing more than knives. The EU and US want to prevent this from ever happening again.

  • Commission to present anti-terrorism plans

    News 17-09-2001

    Justice and Home Affairs Commissioner Antonio Vitorino will present on Wednesday 19 September plans to improve the Union's response to terrorism. The proposals will try to present a common definition of terrorism and harmonised procedures between EU Member States concerning terrorists' arrests, extraditions and punishments.

  • Extraordinary Transport Council on air safety

    News | Security 14-09-2001

    European transport ministers are holding emergency talks in Brussels on Friday in the wake of the terrorist attacks in the US. At this meeting, the European Commission will ask EU Member States to unblock a proposal to create a single European airspace.

  • EU leaders vow to fight terrorism with US

    News | Security 14-09-2001

    European Union government leaders vowed on Friday that they would help hunt the perpetrators of the attacks on the United States and hold accountable any country which provides shelter to terrorists. EU leaders signed a statement outlining a European anti-terrorism policy, urging a common approach and better coordination between state intelligence agencies.

  • Economic implications of the WTC/Pentagon drama

    News | Security 14-09-2001

    Following the terrorist attacks in the US, economists and markets in the EU began to weigh the potential impact of these attacks on the European and wider global economy. Some state the downside risks for economic downturn have risen (many European markets plummeted after the attacks), or even call for a postponement of the euro, others continue to see a world recession as unlikely.

  • How should the international community react to the terrorist acts?

    News | Security 13-09-2001

    Now that the initial shock of the 11 September events is over, the international community wonders how it should react. Some are in favour of swift retaliation, others call for restraint and focus on long-term actions. EURACTIV brings an overview of some voices in the debate.

  • Day of mourning in Europe

    News | Security 13-09-2001

    EU leaders have declared Friday 14 September to be a day of mourning in Europe and called for all Europeans to observe a three-minute silence for the victims of Tuesday's terrorist attacks in the US. The language of the declaration issued by EU foreign ministers indicates that the EU will support any efforts to by the US to bring to justice those responsible for the attacks.

  • NATO invokes collective defence clause in support of US

    News | Security 13-09-2001

    The North Atlantic Council, NATO's decision-making body, unanimously decided on 12 September to invoke for the first time in history the clause of collective defence to help the United States punish the perpetrators of Tuesday's deadly terrorist attacks. NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson reaffirmed during a press conference that NATO allies will take such actions as deemed necessary, including the use of force, adding that members shall respond commensurate with their judgement and resources.

  • EU condemns terrorist attacks on US

    News | Security 12-09-2001

    European leaders have joined the chorus of condemnation of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington in which thousands have lost their lives.

  • Possible implications of recent terrorist attacks

    News | Security 12-09-2001

    The terrorist attacks on the New York World Trade Centre and the Pentagon mark, according to political analysts, the beginning of 21st century warfare. What will be the implications for public opinion, security, economy and diplomacy? EURACTIV brings an overview of comments and analyses.