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‘Yellow vests’ show limits of consumer acceptance on climate change

As the European Commission unveiled its long-term vision for greenhouse gas reduction on Wednesday (28 November), a yellow cloud hung over the grand pronouncements.
Margrethe Vestager, Member of the European Commission in charge of Competition. 20 November. [EC]
Competition 02-04-2015

Commission to investigate ‘capacity mechanisms’ for illegal subsidies

EU state aid regulators will investigate whether European governments are paying illegal subsidies to utilities for holding power generation in reserve, EU officials said yesterday (1 April).
Elections 18-02-2013

Electricity bills set Bulgaria on fire

Tens of thousands of Bulgarians protested in more than 20 cities on Sunday (17 February) against high electricity bills and called for Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and his centre-right government to resign. [Watch photo gallery by Dnevnik, the EURACTIV partner in Bulgaria.]
Competition 24-03-2011

EU seeks clearer state aid rules for public service utilities

A European Commission communication on state aid rules for public service utilities – ranging from water supply to energy provision – was welcomed yesterday (23 March), though proposals to clarify such rules may prove thornier when further details emerge later this year.