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Data protection 20-03-2018

Top EU privacy watchdog calls Facebook data allegations the ‘scandal of the century’

Privacy regulators from across the EU should join together to investigate allegations that London-based firm Cambridge Analytica illegally analysed millions of Facebook users’ data, the EU’s top data protection watchdog has said.
Technology 13-04-2016

EU privacy watchdogs demand improvements to ‘Privacy Shield’

European privacy watchdogs gave a damning verdict of the Privacy Shield, the draft deal for data transfers from the EU to the US, and warned the European Commission to shore up gaps in the new agreement on national security agencies.
EU Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova
Technology 29-02-2016

Commission wants EU-US ‘Privacy Shield’ by end of June

The European Commission is racing to rubberstamp its Privacy Shield agreement to allow companies to transfer data to the United States.
Development Policy 08-02-2016

UNICEF: Increasing number of genital mutilation victims

A million girls worldwide suffer genital mutilation every year and that number is only increasing in some countries, according to a report by UNICEF. The European Commission has warned that the practice could be on the rise in Europe as well. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, president of the Article 29 Working Party
Technology 03-02-2016

EU watchdog Falque-Pierrotin: ‘We can’t just accept words’ on privacy shield

Data protection watchdogs from around the EU have reassured companies that they can continue transferring personal data to the US under alternative legal means—at least for the time being while the EU nails down details on its new 'privacy shield'.
EU Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova and Vice President Andrus Ansip
Technology 03-02-2016

Commission replaces Safe Harbour with rebranded ‘privacy shield’

The European Commission signed off on a new data transfer agreement with the US today (2 February) to replace the old Safe Harbour agreement.
EU Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova
Technology 02-02-2016

Jourova defends unfinished Safe Harbour deal

Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova told MEPs yesterday (1 February) that one day past the deadline given by EU privacy watchdogs, the European Commission still hasn't struck a new Safe Harbour data sharing agreement with the US.
EU Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova and Paul Nemitz, director for fundamental rights at DG Justice
Technology 20-01-2016

Commission: End of January ‘not a formal deadline’ for Safe Harbour

A top European Commission negotiator on the EU-US Safe Harbour agreement said the data sharing deal gives an “incredible privilege to American companies”.
The European Commission is trying to encourage ecommerce across EU borders
Technology 08-01-2016

Commission tries to boost cross-border e-commerce with online dispute resolution

The European Commission is launching a platform tomorrow (9 January) aimed at helping consumers air their grievances with e-commerce platforms without paying hefty legal fees.
EU Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova
Technology 04-12-2015

US privacy chief reveals EU authorities only referred four Safe Harbour complaints

A chief US privacy regulator said today (4 December) that European authorities barely forwarded her office any complaint cases about the Safe Harbour data sharing agreement during its 15-year run.
Agrifood 18-11-2015

Commission outlines Energy Union legislative path

Commission Vice-President Maroš Šef?ovi? unveiled the executive's plans for laying the foundations of the Energy Union, until the end of its term in 2019.
Commission Vice President Andrus Ansip and Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova
Technology 06-11-2015

Commission wants new Safe Harbour deal within three months

The European Commission wants to have a new data sharing arrangement with the US within the next three months.
Ambassador Daniel Sepulveda, US coordinator for international communications and information policy
Technology 03-11-2015

‘Safe Harbour 2’ doesn’t need change on surveillance, top US official insists

A top US State Department official has rebuffed critics who argue that Europe can only seal a new data sharing deal if US laws enabling electronic surveillance are changed.
Google's office in Hamburg
Technology 28-10-2015

Tech industry association bashes German privacy watchdogs

The European tech industry is firing back against German data privacy chiefs, who announced this week that they would suspend data transfers to the United States and suggested businesses operating in Europe store data only in EU member states.
EU Justice Minister Vera Jourova with Luxembourg Minister of Justice Felix Braz on 9 October
Technology 09-10-2015

EU data privacy reforms speed up

Justice and home affairs ministers today (9 October) reached an agreement on the EU data protection directive in a meeting in Luxembourg. The directive will frame how law enforcement agencies in Europe share personal data across borders but negotiations with the European Parliament will be hard-fought. 
Agrifood 07-10-2015

MEPs demand geographical protection for artisanal products

A majority of MEPs has asked the Commission to extend the European system of geographical indications to artisanal products to Bohemian Crystal. This protection currently only exists for food products. EURACTIV France reports

Commission wants member states to criminalise hate speech

Justice Commissioner V?ra Jourová said on Thursday (1 October) that member states have the obligation to criminalise hate speech and make sure the law is enforced.

Brussels gears up for Maternity Leave II

The European Commission is working on new ideas to increase the participation of women on the labour market after it ditched the hard-fought maternity leave proposal last month.
US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker met with EU Justice Commissioner Vera Jourová on 23 July in Brussels
Trade & Society 24-07-2015

Officials call for TTIP digital trade boost as US-EU tech tensions linger

United States Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker said during a visit to Brussels on Thursday (23 July) that European leaders need to do more to promote the EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).
Technology 15-06-2015

Council approves data protection reform

EU justice ministers agreed on data protection rules at a meeting in Luxembourg today (15 June).
Technology 02-06-2015

Safe Harbour deal held up by US

European negotiators are still waiting for the US to budge on intelligence services' use of personal data before there can be a breakthrough on the Safe Harbour agreement, EU Justice Commissioner V?ra Jourová said last week (28 May).
Global Europe 13-04-2015

Jourová: Over 6000 Europeans waging jihad in Syria

The number of Europeans fighting with jihadist groups in Syria could exceed 6,000, a top EU official told a French newspaper today (13 April).

EU regrets Roma integration a long way off

There is still a long way to go for Roma integration in the EU, the European Commission said on the eve of International Roma Day, on Wednesday (8 April).

Gender inequality persists in Europe

?SPECIAL REPORT / The glass ceiling has not disappeared. There are still too few women in leadership positions, writes V?ra Jourová.