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  • Distrust of vaccinations on the rise across EU

    News | Health 27-03-2015

    Europeans are turning away from vaccines, amid rising distrust of immunisation for infectious diseases. France's Constitutional Council has upheld legislation obliging parents to have their children innoculated. EURACTIV France reports.

  • Investing in a sustainable and healthy future for all

     Video | Promoted content | Development Policy 15-12-2014

    On 27 January 2015 partners of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, will gather in Berlin, Germany to back Gavi’s ambitious plan to immunise an additional 300 million children against potentially fatal diseases between 2016 and 2020 and save a further five to six million lives.

  • Giving immunisation efforts a booster

    LinksDossier | Development Policy 03-06-2014

    Since 2000, 440 million children have been immunised against preventable diseases – and an estimated 6 million deaths have been avoided. But 22.6 million children are still not vaccinated and 1.5 million children under-5-years-old die annually from preventable diseases. Changing this picture may require action, not least on vaccine prices.

  • Health for all : Another chance for EU-Africa leaders

    Opinion | Development Policy 30-04-2014

    The UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Africa calls on European institutions to live up to their leadership role in development cooperation, by providing predictable and long-term funding for vaccination of the poorest children.

  • INFOGRAPHIC: Too Many Unnecessary Child Deaths

    News | Development Policy 26-03-2014

    According to the World Health Organization, some 6.6 million children, under the age of 5, died in 2012, half of them from conditions that were preventable, or treated with access to simple, affordable interventions.

  • INFOGRAPHIC: A silent cull of the world’s children

     Infographic | Promoted content | Development Policy 01-03-2014

    According to the World Health Organization, some 6.6 million children, under the age of 5, died in 2012, half of them from conditions that were preventable, or treated with access to simple, affordable interventions.

  • Measles outbreak calls for quick action to vaccinate children in war-torn Mali

     Video | Promoted content | Development Policy 26-04-2013

    Measles and polio are deadly diseases that have been long forgotten in Europe. In Mali, however, reality is quite different. The recent armed conflict  in the north of the country has not only forced thousands of people to flee their homes, but has also caused outbreaks of infections such as measles or cholera among children.
    In an attempt to alleviate the effects of the war on the most vulnerable, health workers from a coalition of NGOs have recently carried out a 10-day campaign to vaccinate thousands of children.

  • In Mali, a perilous push to vaccinate children

    Special Report | News | Development Policy 23-04-2013

    Braving minefields and sporadic fighting, health workers have carried out a campaign in recent days to vaccinate thousands of children in northern Mali against measles, polio and other deadly diseases.

  • Immunization Week – GAVI Alliance

     Video | Promoted content | Development Policy 12-04-2013

    Immunisation is recognised as one of the most efficient, successful and cost-effective health investments in history. One in five of all children who die before the age of five lose their lives to vaccine preventable diseases. More than 22 million children are still not vaccinated against common but life-threatening diseases.

  • Spike in measles triggers EU action

    News | Health 27-04-2011

    A spike in measles cases across Europe led by France – caused by the difficulty of innoculating migrant, religious and complacent communities – has triggered moves to co-ordinate vaccination across the continent.

  • Finns table evidence on Pandremix-narcolepsy link

    News | Health 01-02-2011

    Finland's National Public Health Institute (THL) today (1 February) said that young people between 4 and 19 years of age, who received Pandremix swine flu vaccine in 2009-2010 had manifold increased risk of falling ill with narcolepsy, a chronic disease of the central nervous system, which makes affected people to fall asleep suddenly and unexpectedly.

  • EU farm ministers reject calls for mass vaccination

    News 10-04-2001

    EU agriculture ministers reject calls for mass animal vaccination whilst UK and Netherlands lobby for urgent review of animal health policy