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Economy & Jobs 24-03-2021

EU to tighten export rules to stop one-way flow of vaccines

The European Commission will tighten its export guidelines on Wednesday (24 March) to prevent what it sees as an unfair one-way flow of vaccines, according to a draft seen by AFP.
Coronavirus 10-03-2021

EU-UK relations sour amid accusations of vaccine nationalism

Relations between the EU and the UK have soured over the past few days amid accusations of vaccine nationalism as EU lawmakers lambast the UK for only "serving themselves".
Coronavirus 05-02-2021

MEP lambasts AstraZeneca for treating EU citizens as ‘second class’

Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has come under fire for treating EU citizens unfairly from EPP MEP Peter Liese, who criticised the company for not being forthcoming with information.
Coronavirus 29-01-2021

EU tightens controls on vaccine exports, leaves door open for bans

On the back of increasing tensions with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, the European Commission launched a scheme to monitor exports of vaccines on Friday (29 January), leaving the door open to reject exports of vaccines produced in the EU as it sees fit.