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Europe's East 24-01-2014

Ukraine: Everybody continue fighting infantilism

As confrontation takes extreme forms, Ukrainians should leave their illusions behind and not count on help from any side, be it the EU, Russia, the leadership or the opposition, writes Vadym Omelchenko.
Europe's East 03-12-2013

Ukraine made its choice

The regime in Ukraine may be tempted to declare state of emergency and use force, but this scenario is highly undesirable as it may lead to the split of Ukraine and the loss of its statehood. Here the role of the Ukrainian opposition is extremely important, as it has received a carte blanche from the Ukrainian society, writes Vadym Omelchenko
Europe's East 04-10-2013

Tymoshenko’s prosecutor gets another job. What’s behind the scenes?

Renat Kuzmin, the prosecutor investigating Yulia Tymoshenko, has suddenly got another job. Maybe it’s too early to see an opening vis-à-vis the EU, but the issue is worth following, writes Vadym Omelchenko.
Elections 05-11-2012

Ukraine’s quiet revolution, Part 1

The Ukrainian authorities bring to mind Napoleon's words about a person who fell asleep in a chair standing at the edge of a cliff. Unless the authorities understand the scale of the protest sentiments, they will be hit by a second wave of a tsunami, says Vadym Omelchenko.