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Digital & Media 13-09-2017

E-commerce platforms face new VAT liability rules

Online retailers such as Amazon could come under tighter scrutiny and be forced to collect VAT from companies whose items they sell, according to new changes that EU member states made to a draft bill.
Pursettes ad, 1962.
Brexit 27-10-2015

Britain to lobby EU to end ‘vagina added tax’

Britain will lobby the European Union and its member states to stop taxing tampons and women's sanitary products as luxury items, rather than necessities, a junior finance minister promised on Monday (26 October).
Brexit 21-06-2012

EU takes on UK over energy-saving tax discounts

The European Commission said on Thursday (21 June) it had told Britain to amend legislation that allows a lower rate of tax (VAT) on "energy-saving materials", or face being taken to the European Union's highest court.
Future EU 07-04-2011

Leading MEPs propose VAT, carbon tariff for EU budget

Three prominent MEPs proposed to completely revise the structure of the EU budget yesterday (6 April), replacing national contributions with the EU's own resources, primarily through a 'carbon tariff' on imported products and a value-added tax. EURACTIV France reports.
Languages & Culture 10-02-2011

EU mulls tax cuts for online media

The European Commission is considering the idea of lowering value added tax (VAT) rates for online media to the level of printed media wherever they diverge, in a move aimed at alleviating financial pressure on a struggling sector.

EU ministers approve sensitive VAT reform

After more than four years of deadlock, European finance ministers have adopted new rules on the way value-added tax is collected on services provided between member states. Revenues will now be reaped by the country in which the consumer is located rather than the one in which the company providing the service is established.

Ministers to debate expanding list of ‘green’ tax breaks

EU member states have sent their finance ministers to Brussels today (13 November) to discuss a proposal, first tabled by Britain and France in July, to reduce Value Added Tax (VAT) rates on certain environmentally friendly goods.  
Central Europe 01-08-2007

Taxes: the world is getting flatter

Reformers in Central and Eastern Europe are once again adhering to a "Marxist ideal" in the shape of flat taxes, argues S. Adam Cardais in a 30 July article for Transitions Online. However, economic miracles are not made of flat taxes alone, he warns.

Commission seeks unified VAT rates

EU Tax Commissioner Laszlo Kovacs has unveiled proposals to simplify tax rules and reduce the number of items that qualify for reduced rates across the 27-nation bloc. But his plans are likely to face opposition from a number of member states which are looking to use VAT cuts to promote family-friendly and job policies.

Poland backs down over VAT

Poland has agreed to a compromise deal on the row over reduced rate VAT on services after talks in Vienna on 1 February 2006.

Poland on course for VAT clash with the rest of the EU

The government in Warsaw has declared that it will veto an EU deal on reduced VAT rates for certain services. The announcement is expected to result in a conflict between Poland and the 24 other member states.

Germany and France move closer on economy and taxes

During visits to Berlin, French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin and Finance Minister Thierry Breton have welcomed German efforts to put an end to the socio-economic depression that the country has been going through.

Tax rises and subsidy cuts to finance Germany’s healing

A sharp rise in VAT and cuts in welfare programmes for the retired and the unemployed are the cornerstones of the treaty between conservatives and social democrats, the partners in Germany's prospective coalition. 
Euro & Finance 21-06-2005

UK to call for halt to ECJ tax interventions

During its EU Presidency (July – Dec 2005), the UK will campaign for a reduction in the powers of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in tax matters.
Enlargement 21-01-2005

Flat tax: Economic panacea or pandora?

'Flat tax' is all the talk in the new member states these days, and calls for tax cuts and simplification are also coming from elsewhere in Europe. Meanwhile, divisions remain on its merits.
Future EU 16-11-2004

Kovács given second bite at the cherry

Hungary's Commissioner designate is to appear before MEPs for the second time, with a view to his taking over the taxation and customs union portfolio. If successful, Kovács will effectively pass the energy brief to Latvia's candidate.
Energy 09-10-2003

New VAT rules for gas and electricity

A new Directive changes the rules for VAT on gas and electricity and aims at improving the operation of the internal energy market.
Health 24-06-2002

Capturing Value from Optionality in Pharma R&D

  Capturing Value from Optionality in Pharma R&D Over the past decade, option theory has received a great deal of attention from both academia and business. Avinash K. Dixit (Professor of Economics at Princeton University) and Robert S. Pindyck (Mitsubishi...