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Transport 03-11-2016

Vans: Falling through the cracks of Europe’s transport policy

Light commercial vehicles are increasingly being used as a means to dodge social legislation and taxes, writes Samuel Kenny.
Transport 15-06-2015

Fuel efficiency standards benefit economy and environment, NGO claims

Ambitious new vehicle emissions targets could save European drivers €350 per year, and pay back the cost of the technology within three years, according to a new study by Transport & Environment, a green campaign group.
Transport 19-05-2015

Germany and UK left behind, as EU beats transport emissions target

German and British vans are among the worst polluters in an increasingly fuel efficient and environmentally-friendly EU fleet, according to the European Environment Agency. 
Transport 07-05-2013

Lawmakers vote to limit van speed, reject stronger CO2 target

The European Parliament’s environment committee on Tuesday (7 May) called for the installation of electric speed limiters for vans to prevent their accelerating beyond an agreed 120kph cap. But MEPs rejected reducing the 2020 target for van CO2 emissions to 118g per km.
Transport 04-02-2013

Small businesses unite for action against gas-guzzling vans

A coalition of three small business associations has issued a call for tougher fuel economy standards to be imposed on Europe’s fume-chugging light commercial vehicles.
Transport 16-02-2011

Parliament backs new CO2 limits for vans

New rules for limiting gas emissions from light vans were agreed by the European Parliament yesterday (15 February) but they immediately ran into criticism from environmentalists.
Transport 16-12-2010

EU gets draft deal to curb gas-guzzling vans

The European Union struck a provisional deal yesterday (15 December) to improve the fuel efficiency of vans and curb emissions blamed for climate change.
Transport 29-09-2010

MEPs let van makers off lightly from CO2 cuts

The European Parliament's environment committee yesterday (28 September) extended a hand to the crisis-stricken automobile industry by voting to lower the long-term CO2 emission limits proposed for vans.
Transport 24-06-2010

EU faces uphill battle in CO2 law for vans

Proposed EU legislation to set CO2 reduction targets for vans is in for a rocky ride as divisions remain over its expected impact on Europe's car manufacturing industry.